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How to Make Stained-Glass Cookies

Learn how to make stained-glass cookies from pastry chef Katie Rosenhouse in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Katie Roseness, and today I'm making my Sugar Cookie Dough and making Stained Glass Cookies.

So I had my sugar cookie dough nice and chilled, I rolled it out, and I cut out these stars. So I have my big star cutter on the outside, and then just out of the center I've cut out my small star. And I baked the cookies at 375 just until they were barely golden around the edge, and now I'm going to take these cookies and turn them into Stained Glass Cookies by crushing, I have some red and green hard candies.

And I find the best way to do this is just to put them in a bag. Seal the bag so you won't have any, any accidents. And just get all your rage out by smashing. It's not something you want to do early in the morning when your kids are sleeping. But get them as fine as possible. Just like that. Just until they're small chards. I'm going to do the same with my green candies. You can use any color candy that you like as long as its a hard candy.

Awesome. And the more fine they are, the quicker they'll melt in the oven.

So I have my oven preheating at a nice high temperature, probably about 425, that would be great. And I'm just going to take these cookies, and you could do multiple colors if you want, but I just like to do one color in each. And I'm just going to fill up this star in the center of the cookie with some candy. So I've got some red. And these are going to melt down and become almost like glass in the center. A nice red color.

And if you wanted to, before you bake these stars, you can cut a little hole right on the top and that way when they're done you can run a little ribbon right through and they become a nice ornament to hang on Christmas.

And that's it. And I'm going to put these in the oven just for about two minutes, right until the sugar in the center starts to melt and all of the shards are nice and smooth and it looks like glass. Then I'll pull them out and they're ready to go.

So my cookies are ready. You can see they've melted down nicely. And now I'll just use my spatula. You want to take them off the cookie sheet and let them cool for a minute or so before you go to move them. But let's see if we can rush it a little bit.

So here we have perfect little Stained Glass Cookies.

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