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How to Make Linzer Cookies

Learn how to make linzer cookies from pastry chef Katie Rosenhouse in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Katie Roseness and today I'm making Linzer Cookies.

So to make things even easier, I'm taking the same sugar cookie dough that I made earlier and I cut out stars and I also cut out the same stars with a smaller cut-out right in the center just like our stained glass cookies. So one is going to fit right on top of the other.

So any type of jam that you like. I'm using strawberry. But it can't get simpler than this.

I'm just going to take a spoon and dot it right in the middle. And you don't have to worry too much about moving it out to the edges because once the other cookie goes on top it's going to do all the pushing out for you. So the whole cookie will be filled with jam.

The same thing, just a couple more.

And then with my sugar sifter, I have powdered sugar and I'm going to coat the tops of my cookies with powdered sugar. And you want to be generous. You really want to cover the top.

And then very carefully with your fingers, you don't want to mess the sugar up and you don't want to mess up your sweater, but just on the edge of the cookie, hold it and push down on top of the other. Try to get ones that are about the same size.


And that's how you make Linzer Cookies.

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