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How to Make Christmas Snack Mix

Learn how to make Christmas snack mix from pastry chef Katie Rosenhouse in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Katie Roseness and today I'm going to make Christmas Snack Mix, also known as Reindeer Chow.

But this is the place you can get really fun and creative. You can throw in anything that you like from popcorn to your favorite snack mix. And I'm starting with my favorite. And I also have some chocolate candies, some peanuts, some raisins, some butterscotch chips. Anything that you want to throw in there you can.

But here is a nice bowl of white chocolate. And I just melted this chocolate down about halfway and then took it off the heat and stirred in the rest of my chips. So this way I'm bringing down the temperature of the chocolate so it should just barely be cool to the touch and then I know I'm ready to add it in to everything else. And once it sets, it will have a really nice snap and sheen to it.

So right into my snack mix, I'm going to add my chips, some raisins, and you can really make this as healthy or as not healthy as you like. But keep in mind you're covering the whole thing in chocolate at the end.

And that's basically it.

And I'm going to pour white chocolate all over. It's like every kid's dream right here in a bowl. And just toss.

So the more I stir, the more the chocolate will start to set up and just coat everything nicely. You can see how fun this is. And we have all those great colors running through. And it's just really festive.

So right on to a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. And I like a really nice light layer of chocolate, but feel free to add as much as you want. It's going to set up the same at the end. Get nice and firm. So this way you just have a really nice, light coating of chocolate. And if you want to, you could always go in with a little dark chocolate as well. Just give it a little bit of an extra drizzle.

And I'm just going to let this set, either in the refrigerator or the freezer, until you can touch it and it feels nice and firm to the touch. About 10 minutes or so.

And again, it should be nice and firm to the touch. And I'm just going to take it and brush it off of the parchment paper. And you can see, it ends up in these nice shards. Feel free to break them up. If you're the type of person who likes big shards, just leave it the way it is.

But I'm just going to pour the whole thing right into a serving bowl. And every little bit.

You could dust this with a little powdered sugar. You could drizzle over a little extra chocolate. But whatever it is that you do, that's how you make Christmas Snack Mix.

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