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How to Make No-Bake Cookies

Learn how to make no-bake cookies from pastry chef Katie Rosenhouse in this Howcast video.


Hi I'm Katy Rosenas, and today I'm going to show you how to make no bake Christmas cookies. And I have some really great ingredients here. So I'm starting with peanut butter, a little bit of butter, these are ground chocolate wafers, oats, and confectioners sugar, and always a touch of salt.

So I'm going to start in the mixer with this softened butter, and the peanut butter, and just get those two together, and that's going to be the base of our cookie, that's going to make everything else stick together, everything right in.

So when you talk about no bake cookies, of course you're talking about something that has no eggs, and this is totally safe to eat, but essentially it's like eating cookie dough, which is really not a bad thing at all.

Confectioners sugar, and now let's beat those together. So just until their smooth, I'm going to start on low speed, you don't want a big cloud of powdered sugar everywhere in your kitchen, so just bring it together slowly, and then you can raise your speed.

Here we go, okay, nice, and creamy. So I'm ready to add the rest of my ingredients. So chocolate wafers, so just any chocolate cookie that you can buy in the store and grind it really finely, that's going in. Some oats if you want to. If you don't like seeing the oats you can grind these also, and a little bit of salt, just a touch.

So bring this together, we're going to get this really dark chocolaty batter just like that. So I'm going to pull this out, and use my spatula, 'cuz this gets very messy, but just get all those extra little bits in there, don't waste any bit of this. And pull my bowl out, and using a cookie sheet that's lined with a piece of parchment paper, I'm just going to spread the whole thing right into the center of the sheet.

Okay, so this whole mixture right into the center of the sheet. So something that you can do just to help this along so it won't stick to your hands is just get a little bit of water just so that nothing will stick to your fingers, and just pat this dough out into a nice rectangle.

I'm going to let this set in the frig until it's nice, and firm, and when it is I'm going to coat the whole top of it in dark chocolate. So we're going to get these really beautiful bars.

Okay? So that's it, I'm going to chill that until it's nice, and firm about 15 minutes in the frig.

So my cookies are nice, and firm, and I'm ready to top with my dark chocolate. So here I have chocolate that I just melted down, this is a really nice bitter chocolate.

If you know your percentages, that's about a 61 or 70%, the darker, the better. I'm just going to drizzle this right over the top. This is about four ounces of chocolate. Whoops, and just use a small offset spatula to just coat the entire surface of the dough.

Now depending on how you like to decorate this, I like to just top it with a little bit of gold luster dust, because I think it's really pretty, but you can always use Christmas candies, you can use anything that you like, but here's my luster. Just going to try to open this up without it flying everywhere. You can buy this in a specialty bake shops, just comes in a little container, and I just take a little on the edge of my knife, and you can either sprinkle, or you can blow right over the surface of the dough, so you get this really beautiful gold finish.

If you want something a little more like stars, you can do that. You can blow it in other directions, and it just gives it like a really nice festive Christmas look.

So I'm going to chill my dough again until the chocolate sets, and then we're ready to cut.

So my cookies are nice and firm. I feel the chocolate and it's firm to the touch. I'm just going to pull the parchment off of my cookie sheet, and actually I could pull the entire bar off of the parchment, and just right onto a cutting board.

Now, I'm going to trim my edges just a little bit. Go straight down with your knife just to trim any of those edges off.

I always think no bake cookies you know, how good could they be? But you taste these things, and it's like it's as if you made these really gourmet bars without any effort at all.

I like to do small squares, but you can go as really big or small as you like. I'm going to get about 12 out of this. [inaudible 05:40]

And that's how you make no bake cookies.

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