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How to Make Double Chocolate Snowcap Cookies

Learn how to make double chocolate snowcap cookies from pastry chef Katie Rosenhouse in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Katie Roseness and today I'm going to show you how to make Double Chocolate Snowcap Cookies.

So I'm starting with kind of traditional chocolate cookie ingredients. I have butter. I have a little bit of brown sugar. This is 4 tablespoons of softened butter going in the mixer. Followed by 2/3rds of a cup of packed brown sugar. And I'm going to cream those together first.

So I'll start that off. You don't want to over beat your butter and sugar, you just want to mix them until they're combined and nice and smooth. So that's what I have right now. Super fast.

So a couple more of our wet ingredients. I have a whole egg going in. You should be careful you don't get any shells in there. That would not be a nice holiday addition to the cookies. And about 4 ounces of dark chocolate. We're going to beat those together.

And this makes a very soft dough. Okay.

And then we have our dry ingredients. So I'm starting with 1/4 cup of cocoa, 1/2 cup of all purpose flour, 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder, that's going to be our leavening. I'll just add that right into the flour. A pinch of salt. Especially with chocolate, it's super important. And to really bring out the cocoa flavor, I'd adding a little bit of powdered, just instant, expresso. And that's going to blend right in with our dough. As much or as little as you like, and you can definitely skip that if that's not your thing. But those dry ingredients can go right in all at once. And we're going to just mix to get a really nice, soft dough.

So we're ready to work. We have our dough. It's nice and smooth as you can see. And this is a thick batter but it's a soft batter. So if you find when you're scooping it that its too soft to work with, maybe your kitchen's a little warmer than mine, definitely feel free to chill your dough for at least 10 to 15 minutes before going in it and scooping it out onto your sheet tray.

I've got my sheet tray lined with parchment paper, ready to go. And also, I have a plate filled with confectioner's sugar and that's going to create that snowy finish to the cookies that we're looking for.

And you take a big scoop of dough, and I'm actually going to scoop it right into the powdered sugar first. Roll it around. And then right on to my cookie sheet. Don't worry if it gets a little misshapen. Once it's in the oven it's going to round out really nicely.

So these cookies are all set and scooped in. They're ready to bake. I'm going to bake these at about 375 degrees for 10 to 12 minutes, until they're nice and rounded and you'll see they're just start to crack on the top.

So my cookies smell like they're done. I'm going to pull them out of the oven. And they are. They're beautiful and cracked all over the tops. And you can see, they've just spread out nicely and they're ready to serve.

That's how you make Double Chocolate Snowcap Cookies.

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