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Top 8 Tools for Decorating Cookies

Learn about the eight best tools for decorating cookies from pastry chef Katie Rosenhouse in this Howcast video.


Hi. I'm Katie Rosenhouse and today we're talking about tools you need for decorating Christmas cookies. You don't necessarily need every tool for every cookie, but here is kind of a broad range of all of the things that you could use. Starting from the beginning, I have my stand mixer, that's great for mixing up cookie doughs, any type from gingerbread men to sugar cookies. I have two different sizes of scoops. I have the small scoop for something like Russian tea cakes, and then I have a larger scoop for something like hot cocoa cookies or chocolate cookies. Little wrappers; Christmas wrappers for candies and cookies, an offset spatula so you won't break your cookies when you're taking them off the tray. Cute little sugar, kind of dragees, and sprinkles, cookie cutters, and of course, a sifter, so that you can top everything with a little bit of snow at the end. You just take your hand and you pull, and you get this really great, kind of, sugar snow coming down. These are some great tools for decorating Christmas cookies.

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