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Left Hand Palm Reading vs. Right Hand Palm Reading

Learn the difference between a left hand reading and a right hand reading from psychotherapist and palm reading expert Ellen Goldberg, M.A. in this Howcast video.


Hello. This is Ellen Goldberg, and welcome to the language of the palm. In this segment, we're going to talk about why we read both hands.

In a short reading, I usually concentrate on the dominant hand because that shows where a person is right now and what seems to be going on in the future, but the recessive hand is equally as important because the recessive hand shows the pattern given at birth. The dominant hand, which for the majority of us is the right hand, but if you're a lefty, just reverse this as you're used to reversing so many things in that is world, and you'll know that it applies to your left hand. But for us righties, the left hand, the recessive one, shows the qualities given at birth, and the right hand, the dominant, shows what's become of those qualities. So, it's always very useful to look at both hands to see where a person has come from and where they are now.

Sometimes it doesn't make much difference at all. Here's a shot of somebody showing both their hands, and you'll see that the hands are really exactly the same. Well, that means the person is following their basic life path pretty closely to how it was given to them in the beginning.

But now let's look at the hand of a young man whose two hands are different. Of course, if you haven't learned palmistry, if you don't know much about it, at first, they might look pretty much alike, but to a trained eye you would see that there are a few very significant differences.

In the hand of this young man, the head line is different in both hands. You'll forgive me my drawing skills, but you will see that in one hand, here's the life line, the head line goes straight, and it's tied for a long time at the very beginning of these two lines. In the second shot, let's just pretend this is the life line, the head line grazes it, but doesn't actually touch, and it goes curved.

Look at that picture, and notice that the head line of the right hand curves downwards where on the left hand it's straighter. Straight head lines have a lot to do with practical thinking and interest in the real goings on of everyday life, and curved lines are more creative and flexible. Lines that stay close to life line, they're more dependent in their thinking, but when they separate from the life line, they're more independent, think for themselves, trust themselves. So this person, just in that one spot, and I bet we'll find more things as well, you can see that he has taken himself from a more dependent person worrying about other people's thoughts, but very practical, and has become more independent and creative over time.

It's always valuable to look at the two hands, and of course, just the fact that the hand changes as you change is one of the miracles of life because this world is really filled with miracles. So thank you. Hope to see you again soon. Bye for now.

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