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Fate vs. Free Will in Palm Reading

Learn which is more powerful -- fate or free will -- from psychotherapist and palm reading expert Ellen Goldberg, M.A. in this Howcast video.


Ellen: Hello. This is Ellen Goldberg and welcome to the language of the pond. Today we're going to look at how fate and free will play out in the hand. Because, the hand is an actual example of how we take part in our fate. The lines in our hands are simple, but they never lie. It is a very simple symbol system and it shows many things that are going to happen over the course of our lives. Why does it show that? Because the sub conscience knows many things in advance. At any moment in time, if you look at the dominate hand, the one that choose where we are now and where we seem to be heading in the future. You will see marks, lines that indicate events and tendencies that are likely to happen.

However, the wonderful thing about the palm, is that it choose that we can partners with this fate, that fate is not written in stone. And, although there is always a fate at any given moment, that fate is a fluid. In Palmistry we say, character is destiny or as the Buddhist said, with your thoughts you make your world, or as the Christians say, as a man or woman thinketh in their heart so shall they be. Bio dominate thoughts, the hand which is the termini-st of so many nerves from the brain. It receives the impulses, it receives the chemistry that every thought has, and over time these dominate thoughts and belief patterns form the shapes and the lines. If you see something that you don't like or that you would like to correct, the place to go to work is to change your thinking. Change your thinking and your entire world will change.

You can watch the hand change right in front of your eyes, well maybe not as your looking at it, but in remarkably short period of time that hand can respond. I must say as a that you can not fool the subconscious, the change must be authentic thinking so you have to some inner work to really see your attitude. Or, say you want to change something on your lifeline, I knew somebody who filled in a giant gap on their lifeline in just six months with medication and taking up good health habits. And, you can to. Is there occasionally that we can not avoid? Well, yes, because there is such a thing called karma. So, occasionally there is something written on the hand that is going to be a major lesson of this life and your going to run into it one way or another. However, forewarned is forearmed and attitude is everything, the philosopher emperor Marcus [03:13] said, its not so much the things that happen to us, as our opinion about those events. How we wrap our minds around things are philosophically, how we use those events, I love to quote the words of the wise, so I'd have to say, Carl Young, one of my favorite psychologist said, we should use our problems as stepping stones.

And, so there is a way to use everything in the hand. And, you know, its not to bad having a little foreknowledge of these things, so we can make room for them. Remember, your fate is in your hand more ways than one.

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