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What Fingers Reveal in Palm Reading

Learn what fingers can reveal from psychotherapist and palm reading expert Ellen Goldberg, M.A. in this Howcast video.


Hello, I'm Ellen Goldberg and welcome to the Language of the Hand. In this segment we're going to talk about what you can learn from fingers, what fingers reveal. Fingers tell us so much. Even before we even look at the palm the minute you ask a person to hold their hand up you will see that some hold their hands closed and some hold their hands with their fingers wide open and these are two very different types of people. When people hold their fingers close together they're private, they don't reveal much about themselves, and they are either shy, perhaps as you gain their trust you'll see the fingers open as you're reading or this may be how they are, especially if they're a mercurial type which is the type that least likes to talk about themselves although they'll talk about anything else. When people's hands are open, you know they are easy to approach. The closed handed people, closed fingers, you have to approach them slowly, carefully, and it takes a long time to get to know them so try and be very formal with them and respectful as you read their hand. The hands that are open, they're already wanting to meet you more than halfway.

They're open to life, and they will be, ah, very forthcoming about things that you tell them. Hands, fingers also tell us by the look of them whether people are intuitive or analytical. You'll see the shot that we put on the screen of a hand that is very smooth. Notice those fingers, they just, are just like very smooth columns and that means that the current of life enters quickly and easily and they're more intuitive. In fact, they don't like the details. Smooth fingers are inspirational, very good on psychic hands, very good for creativity. Other hands, and they are more rare, are knotty and that means they have these bony protuberances that are not caused by arthritis, but at either the top joint or the second joint of the fingers. Notice this shot that we're putting up on the screen.

This woman is an astrologer, Janet Booth, and she analyzes and makes a yearly ephemeris that takes so much detail. Knots represent analysis, they like to think about things. It slows down the current of life so that people can roll ideas around in their mind. Know who you're dealing with and you'll have better relationships with everybody. One last thing about fingers. Every once in a while, and I don't have this on my hand, you'll see a finger that is bent laterally to the side. Can happen at the top joint or the second joint and any time you see a bend in a finger that is a way of the hand pointing out that there's something very special about the influence of that finger and all the things and the mount that it represents. For some mounts, it's a way of absolutely identifying which mount type is the most prevalent, especially if it's just one finger. If it's all fingers, they are clever across the board. Hope you enjoyed that and will put that to good use.

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