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What Finger Length Reveals in Palm Reading

Learn what finger length can reveal from psychotherapist and palm reading expert Ellen Goldberg, M.A. in this Howcast video.


Hello, I'm Milan Goldberg and welcome to the Language of the Hand. In this segment, we gonna talk about finger length. Whether they're short fingers, medium fingers or long fingers, each one has very definite influence on the personality. To start with, I'll show you what medium length fingers look like because that's what I have. This is one of those areas where you actually gonna have to eye ball it most of the time. There are subtle ways of measuring but trust your own eyes. If they look pretty much in proportion to the hand, they are. When fingers are short, you can't miss it. Look at the shot we have up on the screen. This fellow has very short fingers in relation to the palm and the shorter the fingers, the quicker the mind.

People with short fingers, they wanna see the big picture and they're fast and inpatient. How do we get to know this, it's because of that electric current theory. Remember, in [inaudible 01:09] believes that force of life enters through the fingers and fingers are antennas. Well, when they're short, it doesn't take much time for those fingers to pull that energy right in. And these people wanna go fast. They can leave the details to other people. When fingers are long, take a look at this, my cousin Hanna, those long fingers. I've known this girl since she's born. She was born with long fingers.

Long finger people enjoy thinking, they enjoy taking their time. They want to really make up their minds carefully that's something and they're aware of all the little details. There's no one good way, one less good way, it's just different. People with medium length fingers like mine, they have use of both long fingered and short fingered quality although they maybe push more in one direction or another by other factor you should find in a hand. For instance, look at the segment that we did on what fingers reveal. Naughty fingers and short fingers would definitely slow up the current because naughty fingers like to analyze things [inaudible 02:25] round and round. And smooth fingers and long fingers would speed them up little bit. Maybe able to make up their minds more quickly. But some combinations, say you have long and naughty fingers, well those people really take their time and when they've made up their mind, they don't change it because they put a lot of effort in making that decision.

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