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What Fingertip Shape Reveals in Palm Reading

Learn what the shape of a fingertip can reveal from psychotherapist and palm reading expert Ellen Goldberg, M.A. in this Howcast video.


Hello. This is Ellen Goldberg and welcome to The Language of the Hand. When we look at the hand, every part of the hand tells us something but too bad we can't just get an injection and learn it all at once but have to take this information bit by bit.

One of the most interesting and easy things to learn is to notice the shape of the fingertips. Because fingertips come in basically four different styles and as you see, here we have a chart that shows they can be gently rounded, which is called conic. They can be so tapered that they're almost pointed. It's not going to be a sharp point but they will be tapered greatly.

There's also squares. Now some of those will surprise you because some of them will actually almost have a hard edge and some will be softer-edged squares. And then there are ones that flare out at the very tip and they're called spatulate, probably named after an old-fashioned kitchen spatula.

Each one of these has a different outlook in life. When we look at the fingers of the hand, on some hands, every fingertip has the same shape. And so therefore, you know that this human being is coming from a very particular point of view and it will be applied to everything in their life.

Other times, fingers will have different fingertip shapes. Maybe most will be one way and then there's one that's different. Well, the attitudes of that particular shape will be applied to the areas of life ruled by that finger and the padding, called the mount, that's under the finger.

Let's go through them. Conic shapes have a creative outlook on life. They're softer. They're emotional. They're open, empathetic, and they appreciate beauty. They respond to beauty and they're intuitive. You know, fingers are antennas and they pull in the energy of life. Anyway, that's the theory in palmistry. And how that life-force or the chi, as we're used to calling it in Qigong or Tai Chi, how that life-force enters the finger depends a great deal on, what is the tip of that antenna like?

Pointed ones, and I have to show you, I have a rare pointed finger. I actually have a pointed thumb. Pointed ones are very clear receptors for the channel so pointed tips, they are inspirational. Not necessarily the most realistic, but oh, how they love beauty. And they can receive the energy of life as intuition and inspiration all the time. It's translating it into practical life that is their little issue.

The conic tip receives it also cuz it's rounded and that makes a very nice conductor for the current. But once we get to the square tip, square tips are practical. They love order. They love system. They like real life and it's square. It's a flat surface along the top of the fingertip. Therefore, when the energy, the force of life comes in, it meets a little bit of resistance. Takes longer to come in. Therefore, we know that they're not relying on inspiration but maybe relying much more on reason, their own reasoning ability.

And spatulate tips, the widest tips of all the fingertip shapes, they are somewhat resistant to the current of life. In fact, they have nicknames. Those spatulate tips are sometimes called the fingertips of individuality. The fingertips of personality. Fingertips of activity. And also the fingertips of real life. They're very original. They like their ideas best and they like to be on the move all the time.

Many times, someone will have a spatulate fingertip on one finger in the hand. Entertainers often have it on the ring finger, which we know is the finger of creativity, named after the sun god, Apollo. Sometimes when you see that spatulate tip on the finger of art, finger of Apollo, you know that the person has many original, creative ideas. When you see it on the middle finger, which belongs to Saturn and which is quite philosophical, the person will have their own philosophical ideas on how to live life.

What if you see it on the index finger, the finger of God, the Jupiter finger? Well, they may have their own take on spirituality. Maybe they're going to even start their own religion or maybe they're agnostic. Maybe they really have to go their own way. Wherever you see a spatulate tip, you know it's going to be original.

Now I've been talking about these tips really as they affect the four fingers. The thumb is a world into itself and certainly we're going to pay attention to the fingertip on the thumb because that is going to show the overall outlook in life. Whatever tip that is, that is the strongest, most influential tip in the hand because it is the general overview of the personality. We'll be talking more about the thumb later.

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