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How to Read a Finger's 3 Sections in Palm Reading

Learn how to read the three sections of a finger from psychotherapist and palm reading expert Ellen Goldberg, M.A. in this Howcast video.


Hello! This is Ellen Goldberg and welcome to the language of the palm. In this segment, we can look at the three different section of the fingers. And in another segment we talked about that the hand has a hole is divided into what we called the three worlds. The mental world which is the fingers on up. The practical world which is the band in the center. Which is line on the smaller depending on where the thumb is attached and from the thumb to the based of the fingers is the practical world. The business world and the bottom part of the hand belongs to the sensual and physical world. That's comprised mostly of the month of the Moon and the month of Venus.

Well the fingers reflect this three worlds as well. In the hand has a hole. We get an overview. But in the three fingers we sees specifically as special in regard to the mount types that are associated with each of this fingers. Which world rules. It might be the same on every finger or they maybe some surprising differences. the top phalange represents the mental world. The middle portion is the practical world and the third phalange is the physical and sensual world. Sometimes you see this third phalanger is so fold. They look like they gonna burst and you know that those people really enjoy. The senses, the physicality of life: touch, food, eating, security, money, land, color. These are the kinds of senses that they talked about is not so much sexual sensuality as sensuality of life. When people have a very large third phalange, they love food. You could measure this if you like with a little measurer, little slide rule or you could eyeball it. Eyeballing things and using your own sense really means a lot in palmistry. Trust yourself. Here's a picture and an image of the hand of a sumo wrestler. Now you know how big they get but look at the third or bottom phalange. That world is sensual physical world is huge.

You could see just about every finger if not everyone. That particular section of the finger is the longest. take a look at this next image. Where this women has a very well formed middle phalange on her fingers. As well as a bend on the top joint of the middle finger in the finger of Saturn. That would make her a hard worker. Since Saturn is the hardest worker of all the types. And when you put that together with the fact that the middle or business world, practical world is the strongest in her particular hand. You know that this is a very hard worker. And sometimes it is the very top phalange. That's the longest phalange for that. I'll use the picture of my own hand. Specially notice the index finger. You'll see the cause of my spirituality. The fact that I'm a writer. A psychotherapist. I used my mind all the time. Thinking, reading, writing that world is the longest and indeed whatever world is longest on any hand. People enjoy all the affairs of that world and they're good at them.

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