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What Hand Flexibility Reveals in Palm Reading

Learn what hand flexibility can reveal from psychotherapist and palm reading expert Ellen Goldberg, M.A. in this Howcast video.


Hello, this is Ellen Goldberg and welcome to The Language of the Palm. In this segment we're going to talk about the flexibility of the hand. You know, there are three basic flexibilities in the hand. One, which is average, standard, and normal, is simply that the hand will open when you press back on it to its full extent to open nice, and wide, and straight. That's considered standard flexibility and is plenty good enough. Then, there are other hands that when you press on them the fingers, without causing the owner any pain, they form a graceful arch and go backwards. Some go back far more than mine, they'd think that the person's hand was absolutely double jointed, they almost fall back over themselves.

That's considered very flexible. And then there are hands that don't open to their full extent, even if you want to the fingers can't quite extend and that's called a stiff hand. Well here's the basic truth of it, the more flexible the hand, the more flexible the mind. When you have a standard flexibility and it opens straight, you have enough adaptability to deal with life and you have enough versatility. When the finger curls inward, no you don't want to change, you like the old ways best almost all the time and you hold onto your money, you're a little stiff-handed, a little tight. And change is very frightening, they like their own views. And when the hand is very flexible it gives both gifts and it has a few liabilities too. The gift is that it's flexible, adaptable thinking, and that the mind is versatile. The liability is, maybe that hand is super flexible and maybe there are other things in the palm that indicate flexibility too, or desire for change. And then you stand the problem or the issue of are you too flexible? Too versatile?

Will you become a jack of all trades and master of none? If someone who has extreme flexibility happens to be blessed with a beautiful long clear headline for intelligence and a strong thumb, we'll be getting to the thumb very soon, to see if they have the will to control some of that flexibility, then you might find one of the most flexible, adaptable, brilliant people. But their job is to focus. Never worry when we talk about the palm, that you may have what is called the standard or medium version of whatever we talk about. Here, in Palmistry, that is considered excellent for going through life. Medium flexibility will give you everything you need for adaptability. In another segment, we'll talk about the flexibility of the thumb because that has something to say about versatility and the openness to change as well.

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