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What Skin Texture Reveals in Palm Reading

Learn what skin texture can reveal from psychotherapist and palm reading expert Ellen Goldberg, M.A. in this Howcast video.


Hello, this is Ellen Goldberg and welcome to the Language of the Hand. In this segment were going to talk about the Texture of the Skin. Oh, how I wish you were here with me in the studio so that we could actually feel the feeling of people's skin at the back of their hand. For that's where you'll gonna feel it. Not on the palm but right back here on the back. And you know, skin texture reveals the amount of natural refinement that a person has. There's a saying in palmistry, "The finer the skin, the finer the nature." Some skin is so fine it feels like silk or like the skin of a new born baby. And people could have that at almost any age. Mostly refined skin like that on women's hands and they are very refined, sensitive, caring, very aware that they would like things to be nice. Very aware of their atmosphere. Very aware of relations between people. But you'll sometimes find that on a men's skin also and that will give him a sensitivity really almost equal to the feminine sensitivity. A medium texture, that's what most of us have. Go around and feel hands over the next few days. Just stroke the back of the hand. People love it anyway. And the medium texture is all we need to be able to be perfectly happy with who we are.

Not be too refined, not be too crude and it's a very balance way and will give very good support to any other qualities that you find in the hand. Such as fined skin on the other hand, will raise the other qualities that you find in the hand to a more refined level. Soon will be looking at different arc types and personality patterns, you'll know that when you find very fined skin and that's gonna be easy to identify cos it is really gonna feel like silk. You'll know that there gonna be a higher version of that personality type because they have innate refinement. This has nothing to do with how much money a person has, or to the position in society that they were born into. No! You'll find fined skin everywhere and conversely the one we haven't talked about yet, coarse skin. Coarse skin can be found on hands on people who are digging ditches. You might find it naturally there people who have gone into manual labor as their lives profession. But you can find it on the hands of the rich and famous. The more coarse the skin, the more coarse the nature.

Do not be fooled by a person's station in life. The coarseness in the hand will air coarse qualities to whatever their dominant personality pattern is. And it will bring down the arc type to one that the lower manifestations of the type. Can they be good people? Of course, but they'll enjoy life in more crude a fashion. So test the skin. Do not be fooled by callouses on the front of the hand because the person may have gotten those callouses gardening, golfing, rowing their boat with their crew or at digging a ditch. So, always test back here where the events of life have not necessarily influence the texture and you'll see people can have these different textures at any age started from when they're children till they're very old.

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