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How to Read a Hand's "3 Worlds" in Palm Reading

Learn how to read a hand's "three worlds" from psychotherapist and palm reading expert Ellen Goldberg, M.A. in this Howcast video.


This is Ellen Goldberg and welcome to the Language of the Palm. In this segment, we're going to talk about the three worlds, the mental, practical, and central world that are shown in hands.

Some hands are balance between the three worlds. The three worlds are the mental which are from the base of the fingers on up to the top, the middle section of the hand which is just where the fingers start down to where the thumb, that little crock with up the thumb where it is attached to the palm, then the lower part of the hand, the third world, is the central world. Many times you'll find hand just like mine which happens to be an example of complete balance between the three worlds. My fingers are not overly long, the middle section is good enough and it's in balance with the third section, bottom lower section of the hand. When the person has a balanced hand, they have use of all three worlds. Often there's one that dominates but if you can tell from the hand as a whole. Take a look at our next segment which will be on seeing three worlds in the fingers in the three sections of the fingers themselves. But in general, trust your eye. If it's look like it's balanced to you, it is.

So much in palmistry is just stand by your own good sense. However, sometimes you gonna see hands with you know those fingers are long. You just feel it. You see it. And that means that the mental world rules. Sometimes as in this photograph that we have, you'll see a man with very low set thumbs so that practical worlds strides way low and there's enormous space given to practical world. Boy, can those people navigate everyday business and fairs of life. People who have long fingers, they're in the metal world.

They wanna think about things, they love mental pass times. And sometimes you'll see hands with the bottom part of the hand, the third essential world, is so full and big. And you know that these people need so much touch. They live in the world with senses and whatever it is that pleases them full essentiality, sexuality, or even if their central pleasure is money, you know they are living in material world and they need what they can feel and touch. Take a look at three worlds. They're so important that the hand had shown it in two places, both in hand as a whole and in the fingers. And we'll be looking at the fingers next. So for now, enjoy seeing your own palm and palms of your friends. Bye for now.

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