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Thumb as Miniature Palm Reading

Learn how to read a thumb from psychotherapist and palm reading expert Ellen Goldberg, M.A. in this Howcast video.


Hello, this is Ellen Goldberg and welcome to "The Language of the Hand." In this segment, we're going to look at the thumb, the three parts of the thumb, as a miniature palm reading. As I may have mentioned before, in ancient China and India, there were systems of divination based on the thumb alone, because in the thumb is contained the three basic elements that really create the personality of a human being.

What is their will or personal volition like, that belongs to the top phalange as you can see in this visual that we have up. There is a second, middle phalange, which talks about reasoning ability and a little bit about how people think. And thirdly and very importantly, the bottom phalange is really the great muscle and the Mount of Venus, the muscle that moves the thumb. But it also tells us about a person's emotional capacity.

In another segment, we'll learn how to measure the thumb for size. But I would say that thumbs that are on the small size are more emotional and ruled by the heart. And thumbs that are overly large, they're ruled by the head and by reason. And they tend more to be leaders and very independent, where small thumbs are influenced more. It's not a very bad idea to have a nice, standard, medium-sized thumb because then you get to partake of both large thumb and small thumb qualities.

When the top phalange is conical, if the tip of it is nice and round, the person's going to have an artistic, creative, emotional approach to life. If it's square, you better approach them in a practical way. And if you want something, have your facts and figures ready, because they like order and system and reality. And if it is a spatulate tip on that top phalange and it's wide and full and flares out, why they are on the go all the time, constantly thinking of original ways to expend their energy and they only know how to do it their way. There is no other way for them. If it is pointed, and I happen to have a pointed thumb, well these people are idealistic, very inspirational. The will may not be so weak but they can tap a will greater than their own and they're very dreamy people.

That thumb tip will show you the general outlook on life. And if you want to communicate well with a person, it's very good to know what their general outlook is because you know how to approach them, because you're going to then speak their language.

Some people have very long middle phalanges and you know do a lot of reasoning. Sometimes, and we want it to be a bit longer than will, but sometimes, it's so much longer than will that all they do is think and not act. Sometimes it's short, way too short, just kind of squeezed in there between the top and bottom parts of the thumb, and you know they're not doing that much reasoning, that their will may be so that they act and they may regret it later because they're not thinking things out.

The bottom part of the phalange, we can tell by how high the Mount of Venus rises. It is full? Is it round? Does it almost look like it's bursting and been stung by bees? Or is it flat? People whose Mount of Venus is relatively flat are not so sentimental. They're a little drier and they don't really think that love is the most important thing in the world to them. Or they may love, but they're not demonstrative.

All one needs in mind is a nice average size I have to say. Luckily, I'm average in many things. You know many people think average is just like the worst, but it's not, because every hand has something in it that is unique and which will be the little turning point or a unique thing in their personality. Some have just one or two unique things, some are very unique. But to have just a nice roundness to the Mount of Venus, that's all one needs to be able to give and receive love, love emotion, love caring. When it's really full then you know that the person is filled with juice and things that love and pleasure is the most important thing in the world. They live for love, they live for pleasure, and they know that life should be a joy.

So with these three items, you get a little window right into the nature of a person.

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