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What Thumb Size Reveals in Palm Reading

Learn what thumb size can reveal from psychotherapist and palm reading expert Ellen Goldberg, M.A. in this Howcast video.


Hello, this is Ellen Goldberg, and welcome to "the Language of the Hand." In this segment, we're gonna talk about the size of the thumb and what that reveals. Size does matter, and first you have to know how to measure it, to find out what size that thumb is, because the thumb size is determined in relation to the proportion it has to the hand on which it is found.

Thumbs can be set high on the hand, low on the palm, or, like mine, right in the middle. If the thumb is set, whether it is low, high, or medium, take it and position it yourself. When you look at a person's thumb, don't let them just put it any old way they'd like. You gently position it next to it, because you want to see, does it come to the very center of the bottom section of the bottom phalanges of its neighbor, the index finger, or Jupiter finger, as we call it in palmistry. Mine, you'll notice, does not. I have a small thumb. Leaders have big thumbs. Here is an image of one of the great presidents of the United States, Franklin Delaware Roosevelt. Two terms and more, because he died when he was in his third term, but, oh, two terms, two times elected, and in a wheelchair! What will he had! Look at the size of that thumb! This person had the stamina and volition to say, "Nothing is gonna stop me, I'm going to serve my country." You might notice also when you see the visual the depth of the Heart Line and how it starts in a three-pronged form, so, therefore, it was a person of great heart, and great will. Look how he led our country, how he helped break the back of the Depression.

Now we're gonna look at another supposed leader, this palm print, although it's not the clearest, but you'll get the idea. Look at the thumb on the Duke of Windsor. The man who gave up the throne of England to marry the woman he loves. That thumb is smaller than mind, and it's supple. Notice how it curves outwards; it doesn't stand up straight, it bends right over, for generosity, versatility, but this is not a thumb that wants to lead. Small thumbs are more apt to be led than to lead. They're ruled by the heart, and they want to enjoy life and feel life.

They're poetic, sensitive, but they're not down to Earth practical leadership. When I look at the hand or the thumb of the Prince of Windsor, it makes me think the Duke of Windsor-- makes me think that he was just waiting for an opportunity to leave that throne, because this was not someone who wants to lead at all. Take a look: if you have a standard sized thumb and when you put the thumb next to the hand and it comes about right about to the middle of the first section of its-- the finger, know that you have all-- you have everything you need, everything you need to complete what you have to do to make a good life, to be your own person. Large thumbs are always going to be in charge of their own lives. Small thumbs give themselves away, but medium-sized thumbs are just right, and they give you what you need to both adapt to other people and to work on your own.

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