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How to Find a Hand's Leading Mount in Palm Reading

Learn how to find a hand's leading mount from psychotherapist and palm reading expert Ellen Goldberg, M.A. in this Howcast video.


Hello I'm Melan Volberg and welcome to the language of the hand. In this segment were going to look at how to find the leading mount in the pond, meaning, what is the strongest part of the mind, influencing the personality, sometimes it's just one, but often its a combination of 2 or 3. Man's who judge in a few different ways. We've looked at their location, and if you noticed the video; see this illustration, there is a mount of Jupiter, Saturn, Apollo and Mercury, right along the top ridge, under the fingers.

Their natural bottom boundary line is clear cut because it's the heart line. Then we have middle band across the hand; lower mars, right near the thumb and it's right under the lifeline, and you will see it visible of a friend of mine who has a very strong lower mars, this is what it can looks like, really fallen rich and upper mars on the other side. In some ways even much more important than lower mars, this upper mars is the real strength of the arch type and rarely would drive the mars type found. Venus is the ball of the thumb and there in the lower corner of the palm on the outer edge is mount to the moon. We can define each of these in just the sentence and I'm gonna give you these, but know this is going to be a segment on you trying them individually so that we go much deeper, into their personality, lifestyle, strength and weaknesses etc. all the wonderful things we can know about a person. but Jupiter is about leadership and ambition, spirituality and about the thrive to become the very best or at least to be charge.

Saturn, is about wisdom sobriety, it has a neck name, the balance wheel of the hand, because it say we press her and it keeps all the other mounts with their wonderful, different characteristics from becoming overboard and running away with those characteristics. Apollo which is, right under the ring finger has so much to do with creativity, sales ability, communication and brightness. It's actually a lucky mount, and Mercury maybe belong to the smallest finger but when that mount is large, it can be very large, in fact, any of this mount can be large; when a mount is fallen, here's how we judge it; we want to see and weigh how much real state is the mount is given, in other words, is it given a very nice proportion of size?

Next what we want to see how high does the mount rise? I like to looked at hands straight up, I don't read them flat, but just to give people at rest from holding their hand up I'll let them hold it flat and looked at it to get locate lines or shape, but mostly it's wonderful to look at a hand straight on and to see does this mount impress you with how full it is, because the -- not only the size of the area it's given, but the fullness in the height it detain, to determine the fullness in height, of course you can see it's straight on, but it's also very fascinating to look at a hand, right at your eye level and just notice how high did they use rise, sometimes when that little Mercury mount is strong and you look at it straight on at eye level you'll see it rise as higher than all the other mounts along the top of the ridge.

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