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Mount of Jupiter in Palm Reading: Ambition & Leadership

Learn where the Mount of Jupiter is located and what it reveals from psychotherapist and palm reading expert Ellen Goldberg, M.A. in this Howcast video.


Hello! I'm Ellen Goldberg and welcome to the language of the hand. In this segment we're gonna look at the mount of Jupiter. The mount of Jupiter is located under the index finger. This the finger that in palmistry law catches the spark of life first and brings the energy into the hands to awaken the soul. In this image you can see that, Michelangelo draw God passing the spark of life to Adam right through those Jupiter fingers. You can almost see the energy going from one to the other. It's a very spiritual finger and a very spiritual math. Jupiter is the largest planet. It always amazes me to understand. That thirteen hundred Earths could fit inside the Jupiter. It is big. No wonder, it's the Santa Claus of the zodiac. And Jupeterians are big, all Jupeterians and I have a lot of Jupiter too. If they're pure arc type. They always have to watch the weight. But these are spiritual people and people who have ambition. Jupiter wants to be the very best they can be. It has another nickname.

The mount of Jupiter is called the marrying mount and they're very happy in a coupled wed did relationship. Jupiterians have pride and these will be one of the factors. That makes the one to live up to the best in themselves and it's also one of the things that will be there that stumbling block for every art type. Every mount has its finest qualities and it's lower qualities. They the most sublime and refine version of themselves and a course prudish version. How will you know? we're all along this great continuum your subject lies . Say you find, in mount of Jupiter that's large and you see this illustration we have here. Here's the hand of the woman with a large mount of Jupiter. If you notice you can even see that it crowds into territory pass it's traditional boundary. It's strong and it turns out this person runs a company. Jupiters are our leaders and they love to be in charge. They can very bossy around the home if they don't have enough leadership and executive test to do the work. because it's going to out somewhere.

If the Jupetarian has fine skin you know they're going to be the refine version of it. They're also very humanitarian. If the Jupiterian ahs fine skin you now they're going to be a refine version of it. They are also very humanitarian many of them go into politics, into the ministry they want to be heads of this or that. Depending on what are the math's are working in the hand. But if that skin is coarse and if that thumb is crude looking and prudish. By then you get someone who is a tyrant at home. These are people who could beat their family, these are people who use a heavy hand and ruling. And ah also for uhm the lower aspects of the type are probably strong. What are the aspects?

Well Jupiter could be a glutton, Jupiter could be a tyrant, Jupiter can do too much and over and over indulged in food and drink. And the good life because he enjoys these things very much. One hint that they're indulging too much, is that the bottom full hand of the Jupiter finger will be exceptionally fat. You find this because on the hand because of great eaters. You know where to find it? On the hands of great chefs because Jupiter loves food. And so many a fine chef and you've seen in the size on some of them . And you know the legends on how they rule on those kitchens with iron hand. But this food consciousness there because that is sensuality. However when it comes to spirit, especially if there is a conic tip, when it comes to leadership showing people the way making feeling, making them feel secure when it comes to humanitarian in virtues here is our special Jupiterian.

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