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Mount of Saturn in Palm Reading: Wisdom & Hard Work

Learn where the Mount of Saturn is located and what it reveals from psychotherapist and palm reading expert Ellen Goldberg, M.A. in this Howcast video.


Hello, I'm Ellen Goldburg and welcome to the language of the hand. In this segment we are going to talk about the arch type of Saturn and the mount of Saturn. This is the middle section of the palm, the middle finger.

You know that we use that middle finger many ways and it's not surprising because Saturn has an attitude. It's the wisest, the deepest, and the most philosophical of all the mounts but it also doesn't like humanity very much and casts a sharp eye on people and on itself. It's very serious. Saturnians do very well if there is some Venus in the hand for love to soften them. And certainly, here is this hand of a Saturnian that we all have come to know well, Our own president Obama. And you can see that Saturn, whose nickname is the flat mount, has sort of taken away the fullness out of all the mounts along the top ridge of the hand. Jupiter, Saturn, Apollo and Mercury. You really don't see in this photo, and it's a pretty good photo, you do not see that much fullness because Saturn is the flat mount. Every once in a while, you'll see it with some fullness and if you do you'll know it's strong because it took a lot.

Saturn is the repress-or. People who have this arch type are always a little inhibited. However, they're deep thinkers and they have principles. They can be scientist, they can investigate, they're good at research. They're good at palmistry, when I teach palmistry and I love teaching people to be palmists, my classes are filled with Saturnians because Saturn rules palmistry so it's always very serious, thoughtful people who come. Saturians are funny, they have great wit. Our best comedians are Saturnian. It's so curious, isn't it? The paradoxes in life, the most depressive, serious, thoughtful arch type makes for the funniest comedians. And wouldn't you know it, as a little side, Venus who is so full of love, does the best at tragedy. We always play our opposite a little better. Saturnians are late bloomers, they don't have an easy time in life because Saturn rules old age. So if you happen to be a Saturnian, take heart, you never need to be afraid of age because the older you get, the better you get. Saturnians have a hard time expressing their love or showing people they care.

So if you like a Saturnian, reach out to them. What do they like? They like to be alone. They need a lot of space to themselves. They like things with meaning. They want to travel, take to an archeological dig or to a philosophy conference. They're not going to enjoy Club Med like one of our good timed Apollonians or Venusians. They want everything to have meaning. One of the greatest Saturnians that ever lived was our Abraham Lincoln, who looks just like the arch type because it's the tallest of the second types. And he was known for his wit and wisdom and also for his depression. At one point in the Civil War he said, "If what I feel today were equally divided between every man, woman, and child in the country, there wouldn't be one smiling face".

Therefore, we know the depths that this arch type can feel. When they are in their highest, when they have fine skin, oh and some flexibility in the hand. This lightens them up when they a mount to Venus. Then they will come from their best and they make wonderful teachers, wonderful counselors, excellent scientists. If you find a Saturnian hand that is still, right, wont open his full extent and the skin is rough. May the head line, instead of having a gentle curve is straight as an arrow, makes it a little colder, the mind. Then you may have a lower type of Saturnian who will really be out to harm people.

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