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Mount of Mercury in Palm Reading: Communication

Learn where the Mount of Mercury is located and what it reveals from psychotherapist and palm reading expert Ellen Goldberg, M.A. in this Howcast video.


Hello I'm Ellen Goldberg, and welcome to the language of the hand. In this segment we're going to look at the mount and archetype of Mercury, which is located just under the pinky. In fact, the pinky and the padding beneath it are both called the finger of Mercury, and mount of Mercury. Mercury when we look at it in our solar system, is our smallest and fastest planet.

In the archetypes of people, they make for the most smallest, compact, and fastest. These people are fast in both mind and body. Mercury was the messenger of the gods, and our Mercury partakes of this archetype. It is the communicator of the hand. Many fine writers, communicators, and business people all have Mercury. Mercury is a complex archetype, just like how mercury was a complex god. Through the laws of correspondence, many of the traits that are associated with the gods in mythology, actually are in the archetype. The different character traits associated with the planets are in the archetype, too. Mercury was god of business, and we can see that Mercurians make fine business deals. We saw in the mount of Apollo, how Apollo can sell and make some of the greatest salespeople, while Mercury knows how to buy. That's what we say, Mercury buys Apollo sells. Mercury has a good sense of what money is. They enjoy thinking about money; even when they are little kids, they love having their own bank account. If you have a Mercurial child, help them start to save, they love to think about money. To be average, the finger of Mercury, if it is nicely set, will reach just to the top section, just to that line that marks the beginning of its neighbor, Apollo. If it's shorter, and you'll find them shorter, They don't really like to think about money, they're not good at it, they don't care about it, and it doesn't matter what they're in, they don't want to balance their check book. Money is no fun to them. If your Mercury comes to where it should, then you can deal with these things. In the image that we're going to show you now, even though the finger is not held close to the hand, you can see that this finger of Mercury is long. Not only that, you can make out that the mount is full. Notice that there is even the tiniest bulge, outwards, here, on the percussion. You can see that in the photograph. That means Mercurial qualities are strong. If we want to say which way those qualities are going to go, we're going to look at the three phalanges. Remember, we've got the mental world, the practical world, and the physical world. For Mercury it's a little different because they are so complex. The top world is the mental world, which is writing and communicating. In the image we just showed you, you can see that they have a very long top phalange. This person is a communicator.

The middle phalange on Mercury deals with sciences, and many fine doctors have large center phalanges on Mercury, and many good lawyers do, too. Their professions come a lot from Mercury. The third phalange of Mercury deals with love of money, and it's overly developed that is all they are interested in. Sometimes two phalanges are well developed and one is not so strong, and you know they'll combine those two areas of life in a strong way. Always look at the hand as a whole, two for those three worlds. Mercury is very clever, and a problem solver. I may have mentioned, that whenever a finger is bent it brings extra cleverness and sharpness to that part of the brain. Mercury is already clever and sharp, it doesn't need that extra bend to be sharper, but some of them do, and instead of a finger that is straight, you'll find a finger that has a bend in it, more or less. Generally it will bend at the top phalange, but it could bend a little deeper, too. Why that's like adding cleverness to cleverness.

These people have a mind like a fox, and a lot will depend on their moral interior to see how they rope themselves in, because if you find this on a hand that is coarse, or it doesn't have a very loving heart line, or a flat mount of Venus, or perhaps one of the traditional negative signs, like a nice big fat "X", right there on the mount. It's a sign onto itself. Then you know, they are going to be looking for a way to outwit and deceive their fellow man. The god of Mercury was also the god of thieves, and god of the marketplace. As I've said, very complex, because he was also the god of medicine. Some of our finest healers, and most honest and beautiful souls have Mercury, but personally, if I've gone to hire an accountant, I'd hire one with a straight finger, and not a bent finger. One last thing, Mercury is very family-minded, they get along with children in the most wonderful way and they love family life. They're very clannish; they like to control that family. Mercury likes to control things, but it does not like the spotlight. Many times, when you read the hand of Mercury, and they're going to show you their hand, but those fingers close, they may not be as private as closed fingers are, but Mercurians are private so when they hold it up to you, and you see those fingers tight together, you know you have to go slowly and carefully. If you win their trust, you'll see their hand open like a flower, right before your eyes.

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