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Mount of Mars in Palm Reading: The Warrior

Learn where the Mount of Mars is located and what it reveals from psychotherapist and palm reading expert Ellen Goldberg, M.A. in this Howcast video.


Hello I'm Nelen Goldberg and welcome to the language of the hand. In this segment we're going to talk about the mount of Mars. What a wonderful mount this is to have some of for each and every one of us, because this is where courage and perseverance come from. If you want to know if your going to really do something and be able to do it without being scared stiff.

Check out how much mars you have. In order to have mars you just need a sufficient quantity. Like me, mine is neither exceptional or deficient in what you could see by seeing the happy median is that there is a gentle curve on the outward part of the percussion and a little bit of a pillow. Just a little pillow along the edge kind of like the bolster or pillow at the edge of the couch. If you look at the image that we have of someone who has a lot of mars you see just how big that curve can be and how large that pillow can be! Amazing. In other words mars is the whole band across the hand. Remember the hart line is the bottom boundary for all the mounts along the top and here is our first mount that has no finger attached to it. But it has friends in the lifeline in the fact that the whole middle of the hand belongs to it. Just below the life line is called lower mars, and in the image that we have of Dorian. You can see that her lower mars is really full, lower mars is one aspect of mars. Its the outer aspect. Meaning its aggressive its assertive it has sex drive is all of mars has sex drive after all. Even in learning shockers and energy mars rules the sex shockra. So people who have really big mars and i'm especially thinking of the mars along this part of the hand which is part of the percussion.

The ones that really bulge outwards, sex is always the number one thing on their mind. In case there is something really really important going on they will push it to second for a little while. But mars loves passion. Really mars just needs a good willing happy body. Certain other art types like Apollo, Jupiter, Venus they need romance they need all the accoutrement. But mars is like that old joke, whats foreplay for the mars type, "honey i'm home." They don't need anything extra they just go right for the passion. Along with it's passion is passion for life as well and here we're talking about upper mars. The outer percussion which is really where the art type comes from. In the picture that we have the image where the upper mars is well developed this is a true mars type. Some of our braves people come from mars, they are less complex than many other types. Many of them have some of those hands where there are just a few basic lines, but they are the art type of the warrior. Courageous, calm, great in emergencies, never give up, and if they are not fighting in the battlefield, some of our best soldiers, firemen, policemen, majors, generals, they come from mars because they are loyal.

They put down their life for their friend or their country. They are the ones who do the risky things, they can't be cooped up in the office any ways. It's so physical you know in astrology mars rules the muscles and the red blood cells. They need to be outdoors and doing those muscles, all those football players, all those real athletes, you know they have mars. Mars needs to work out at a gym every day if they work at an office. Lower mars is assertive, sometimes you will find someone who has lower mars but no upper mars. How does it look when there is no upper mars, take a look at this image. Here is a hand that is flat along the side of the percussion, just flat, and no pillow either. This lets you know that mars is missing, they are not really that courageous, it';s not easy for them to follow through, what would save them if they had a flat mars. A good thumb for will power because sometimes people can pull themselves through something by the strength of their will. But if you don't have a strong thumb and you have no upper mars, your going to need help achieving in life. That's one of the values of palmistry, if you know yourself you'll find out where you need help and support.

That's what I do with a small thumb, i find ways to make sure that I find willpower. If it's not mine I hire it to keep me on track. Someone without mars and they don't have courage they are going to have to learn to think philosophically they are going to have to learn tactics they are going to have to read that book, Field of Fear and do it anyway because they don't have natural courage. But what if they have lower mars for assertion but not upper mars. Well they could be big bluffers, because if there is no real courage behind it, but they have the outer shell. They can put on a very good show for a period of time, but know that it's mostly bravado. They will still have the sex drive of mars both parts of mars have the sex drive, but they won't have the endurance and stick-to-ittiveness and real courage that upper mars gives.

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