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Mount of the Moon in Palm Reading: Psychic Ability

Learn where the Mount of the Moon is located and what it reveals from psychotherapist and palm reading expert Ellen Goldberg, M.A. in this Howcast video.


Ellen: Hello. This is Ellen Goldberg and welcome to The Language of the Palm. In this segment we're going to look at the mount of the moon, which is also called the mount of the imagination. It's the place where the unconscious lies. Our own unconscious mind, there at the very base of the palm. There are not so many true, lunar, pure archetypes going around.There is a fair amount of amount as the secondary mount. The rare ones that have it as their primary mount, well they're a different sort of rare bird.

In order to have one foot in the psychic world and the other world, you're not necessarily the most balanced in this world. The mount of the moon has gifts and liabilities. But from it some of the finest gifts to humanity have come because the works of imagination, be they in writing or film. The moon is very concerned and loves images. These are the things that give us rest and pleasure and take us away from the daily cares. The moon archetype, well, it is a bit lazy. In fact, it's quite lazy. It's one of its characteristics and this is why so many psychics never develop or so many writers. You need something to give it extra energy.

The moon needs to dream and many lunarians have fantastic and vivid dreams. They should all take dream workshops and learn to work with those dreams. How do you know you have a good mount of the moon? Well, the palm will bulge a little, down towards the bottom. Either outward in a wide swing. If you see the image that we're going to put up of Einstein's hand. Of course, it's just a print taken years ago but even in the print you can see the size of the mount of the moon.

It's great fun to see the hands of famous people and to compare them to certain things you know about their life. Such as, Einstein loved his little boat so much and was always out on the water. It's one of the leading characteristics of the moon,to love being near the water. Drinking water. Some of them like to take more than one tub soak a day. The moon also likes anything that's liquid and one of their problems is sometimes alcohol. Because they do like altered states. Remember,they don't call it spirits for nothing. The moon is in touch with spirit one way or another.

They're melancholy and moody and introverted. There's some of the greatest writers have said, oh I can produce absolutely nothing without absolute solitude. Of course, there is visible work and invisible work. People will say,that lunar type. Oh, they just sit around all day doing nothing. But Gertrude Stein said, it's very hard to be a genius. You have to sit around, just thinking.Doing nothing else, all day. So you cannot always tell what's going on interiorly. They're cool. They're not as responsive. And, of all the types, they are the most selfish and they do tell lies. One reality is as good as another sometimes to them.

We have to give them some space for their character flaws because they give us the things that make us happy. They show us higher planes of life. They give us the entertainment. They give us the channeling through of information that we so long for. Take another look at Einstein's hand. Look how long that head line is and that it ends in a beautiful fork for seeing two sides of things. And that it actually curves down towards the mount of the moon.Sometimes even, and his mount of the moon is full, and rich, and padded.

Another way you can tell a lunar type, even if it is not padded in the bottom corner, is that it will be pink. Take a look at this image. This image is of a person, a writer, a tarot reader, and an author of many books who has the psychic blush. Any time you see red color in the hand on a particular mount, especially when it's highlighted from the other mounts, it means that particular mount has a fire under it. That archetype,those qualities, that part of the brain has a fire under it. Only, however,when it's on the mount of the moon, is that fire in the unconscious. That produces a very special psychic ability and receptivity and restlessness.

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