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Mount of Venus in Palm Reading: Love & Pleasure

Learn where the Mount of Venus is located and what it reveals from psychotherapist and palm reading expert Ellen Goldberg, M.A. in this Howcast video.


- Hello, I'm Melan Goldberg and welcome to the language of the hand. In this segment we're going to talk about the mount in the arch type of Venus. This mount which is really the ball of the thumb, is given the largest area by nature, in the hand, and I think that's because nature felt that their capacity for love which is what Venus represents, is probably one of the most important forces in being alive, the reason for living; to love to care, to feel the joy of life, this is part of our birth right as a human being, and the hands wants to make sure that we get a lot of room for it, so that we have every chance we possibly can. In order to experience this, the Venusian arch type, is made to bring joy and happiness into the life and to bring happiness into the life's of others.

They're not really a very ambitious arch type; they'd rather play than work, but also they make life sweet; like a champagne they bubbled and where ever they are they bring brightness and light and joy. Their homes are always open to friends, this is actually one of the few arch types, that could be happy with their career as a home maker, be at a man or a woman, unless they have something else like a good mounted Mercury, you know theirs always on the move in doing something, or Mars, or Saturn for hard work ethic or Jupiter for ambition, unless they have some other arch type, they really don't care about achieving much in life. Some other arch types are too similar to them say Apollo who loves to play or Luna who loves to think an dream, so those kinds of combinations produce, maybe very creative people but who need to lie around and off a lot and don't care about achieving in the world.

Venus loves and pleasure is important, how full it is. Take a look at this image of this fellow, who we've seen him before in the mount of Mars, because there's an extraordinary Mars there, but there's also an extraordinary Venus, this person, loves and it is, the motive, the reason for life. Here we have a picture, that were posting of someone with the beautiful Venus, and look at the heart line. The heart line is deeper than the other 3 major lines, and it strikes right under the middle finger, that's the sensual position, but together that big full Venus and that pink heart lines starting at the mount of Saturn and you have someone who really need touch and sensuality as the most important ingredient of their life. You will notice that there sensitivity pay outs on everyone of those fingers so he is particular and choosy as to how he gets this particular part of life fulfilled. Venus gives surface and sometimes, they are imposed upon, people know that they loved to give. They that Venus loves to make people happy, that's one of the most important things in the world to them.

Many a true Venusian has the kind of thumb that when you press it, not mine, it just bends right over, the sign of giving this in generosity. If Venus could learn to say undefinedNo,undefined then they would not be imposed upon so much, that's one of their big task, sometimes people have a flat Venus and you'll know it, it's just flatter. Mine although not the size of the examples we've been showing, is considered a healthy normal, sufficient Venus for giving love and receiving love, so all the mind is not as big as some of the larger examples we've seen, it's not as flat as what a flat Venus looks like, that looks push in. These people are not sentimental; they maybe the kind of parents that doesn't hug their children very much, maybe it's hard for them to express love. However, everybody loves in their own way, and I've known people with flat Venus's who show their love in practical ways by doing for people in their own quiet way, they just don't say words of love and hug and kiss, but now everybody has its own style of loving.

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