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How to Recognize Warning Signs in Palm Reading

Learn how to recognize line and mount defects that indicate potential problems from psychotherapist and palm reading expert Ellen Goldberg, M.A. in this Howcast video.


Hello I’m Ellen Goldberg and welcome to the language of the hand. In this segment were gonna talk about signs that point top problems. After all life is full of them and isn’t it nice to be forewarned and forearmed? We can see signs that warn us either health problems or events in the life that maybe tricky to navigate. Both on the lines and on signs the mounts.Lines have what we call defects. Here is a clear line, that means the current would be unimpeded easy flow whatever the line represents it’s gonna function very well. But what if you put a road block a cross bar there, and that breaks and puts a stop in front of the current? That here is going to be a problem. Now the way you might see a problem is just see an island, islands must seamlessly enter and exit the line. And you see it looks kind of like a leaf. The problem less,as long as the island less and as that’s the usually periods not as dramatic as the cross bar. But if ability and of the energy being divide after all the current that runs through the line is now running on two channels instead of one. Here we could see also perhaps a big X on the line and that surely is gonna be a problem.

These same signs can also be seen on the mounts. When you see them on the mounts, you could find a grill which means that something is irritated, generally something in the health or the character something specific to the arc type. For instance if you should see a grill on the, under the ring finger or on the mount of the parallel, might point to a problem with the eyes, with the temper which is one of the character traits or with taking chances. Mercury you might not want to see an X on Mercury, ‘cuz Mercury has a tendency towards manipulation for it’s always trying to make the best of any situation on their account. But if they have and X for deceitfulness combined especially with a bent finger that would be a double indication why I don’t let them handle my bank account or look at my books and that I brought like a hook.

Many good people have bent Mercury fingers but this is one is combined with extra sign for some kind of problem in character that you really have to watch out. These signs can appear on any line, if it’s on the heart line they appear on it will be something emotional or even perhaps physical. If the sign should occur directly on to the finger, that rules the heart right here. Let's say there's a star. Nah, I speak messy star on the line of the heart, under the finger that rules the heart and that I'd say is about age 45-50, that person has to be very careful with the heart. At that age you should be under in a doctor's care. If you find one of those, some more difficult marks on the headline. They're going to have some extra stress or mental problems and if you see an island on the headline that's a long period of confusion. If you see dots on the headline. Why those are periods of stress, deep stress.

And it doesn't take much to figure out, that if you see it on the lifeline. They're going to have a problems on their health. Sometimes the problem like a break in the lifeline is actually a blessing in disguise. Here's a photo of someone, who's going to go through problems or some very big issue in the mid 30's. The interesting feature about this hand is the hand is doing something that it does many times, when somethings important. It shows it in two lines simultaneously at the same age. Look at this person's heart line and see the break in it. Is just about age 35, something is gonna go on emotionally, that's very big for him. And he may close up because that heart line comes up closer to the fingers then. But if you look carefully you'll see that there's a little break on the lifeline at the exact same age. When you see it in two places simultaneously in the hand. You can be very secure about saying that something is gonna happen and they need to be prepared. Both in attitude, in support with friends and maybe taking advantage of the opportunity because as the great psychologist Carl Young said "We should used our problems as stepping stones and many times they're the reason that we finally get something together and change our life."

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