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What the Hand Reveals about Health in Palm Reading

Learn what the hand can reveal about health from psychotherapist and palm reading expert Ellen Goldberg, M.A. in this Howcast video.


Hello, I'm Ellen Caulper and welcome to the Language of the Hand. In this segment, we're gonna talk about what the hand can reveal about health and in fact it can reveal a great deal about health. Each of the arch types that we've been discussing, uh, Jupiter, Saturn, Apollo, Mercury, the Mars arch type, the Moon and Venus. Each one has their own natural health difficulties or parts of the body that are vulnerable. After all, we're all gonna die somebody and it just depends the different causes and we may amazingly often the cause of death is one of the parts of the body or illnesses that your own arch type is, uh, prone to. Jupiteranian is prone to, stroke, problems with the bronchioles, problems with the throat, overweight and gout, probably from eating too much good food because it loves food. The Saturnian, oh, they have a lot of problems, I'm Saturnian.

Bones and joints, probably the knees, poor teeth and gums, weak ears, tendency to melancholy, and, uhm, liver problems. Apollo luckily, it's neigbors, are very healthy type but if they do get ill, it's the heart. If you're reading a hand of an Apollonian, always look at the heart line and notice if right under the Apollo finger, they have a special mark on the heart line and that would indicate that they maybe quite prone to the Apollonian tendency to heart problem, you can save a life. They also have very delicate eyes and they can't take too much light, and maybe at some times have eye issues. Mercury, their illnesses have to do with the nervous because Mercury rules the nervous system and also the digestive tract.

You'll see sometimes that they will have ulcers, colitis, just indigestion, you know they're always on the move. Of all the types, they're the ones who can't sit down and eat a meal, they'll eat on the run, they'll eat while they're walking and they'll eat in the taxi cab and things like that. Uh, and they don't sit down or chew and they're nervous, no wonder they have digestive problems but it's also natural to them. And of course problems of the nervous system. Lucky thing for Mercury, since Mercury was the God of Medicine, they're blessed with being able to heal double fast. And many of their ills are brought on by their nerves because they are a nervous type, they have nervous electric energy that's running them all the time. Mars is also a healthy type, they're vital but even the healthiest do get sick although the worst patients in the whole world are Mars because they can't stand being cooped up. Also if you're taking care of a Mars patient, they have to keep still, make sure to give them some medicine, they'd like to know that something practical is being done, they're a very practical type. And so even if it's a placebo, give them something. But Mars, we've had entries of the chest or diseases of the blood, red Mars and red blood cells go together or things that might deal with the muscles, or they might have an accident and more I remember they are the brave ones. Luna has many illness as well because they are associated with the moon and the moon is associated with water, and the Lunarian type holds water and they have a certain sponginess. Their body is often quite soft and malleable and their interior organs are soft too so they are prey to holding bacteria.

They have illnesses of the endocrine system. The very tallest type among the seven types of Saturn but Lunarians are quite tall. These are like very pure octipal body builds but interestingly among the Lunarians, we also find midgets because Luna rules the endocrine and so if you're a Lunarian, go see an endocrinologist just to check things out. How do you know there's something up? If you see trouble on the life line, if you see a cross bar or an 'X' on their leading mount, or a grill, this bring out the troubles of the type and it's always wise to check them. However, we can heal and the lines changed and consciousness is stronger than anything else so there's also a great deal of healing in the hand. And as you change, the line of the mark will change, I've changed my hand and I've seen countless of others changed theirs so everything is an opportunity for growth.

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