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What the Hand Reveals about Sex Drive in Palm Reading

Learn what the hand can reveal about a person's sex drive from psychotherapist and palm reading expert Ellen Goldberg, M.A. in this Howcast video.


Hello. I'm Ellen Goldberg, and welcome to the language of the hand. In this segment, we're going to talk about a very important subject, what you can tell about sex drive and sexual appetite from a palm. There are two places that I would look right away to see about the drive for love, sex, and affection, and that would be both the mount of Mars, which is pure passion, and the mount of Venus, which is love of sensual pleasure, love of pleasure in general, and filled with emotion, and love of love. Mars doesn't need anything fancy. Mars goes right for the passion. Venus needs love and romance, but certainly love's pleasure.

You'll see, here is a picture of someone who has a very strong mount of Venus, but not such a strong mount of Mars. Look closely at that Venus. If you see there is a grill on the mount, meaning that there are lines that run up and down the mount, in a strong way, the fuller the mount of Venus is, the stronger the drive for love and affection. But every once in a while, you'll see a Venus mount that has a deep grill edged, and even without Mars for passion, they have a sexual magnet. That grill acts as a sexual magnet, and they will never lack for admirers, or people who are interested in them.

Here is a photo of someone who has a really large mount of Mars. Now this is a dynamite sex drive, and, perhaps, that's all this person thinks about. A mount of Mars doesn't have to be this large in order to be a really strong sex drive. This one that I'm showing here is over-the-top. However, it means they are a pure Mars type. You'll notice his mount of Venus is very full too, and the combination of strong Venus plus strong Mars, well then love, affection, and sex are one of the most important things in the world to them.

If the mount of Mars is flat, we just saw one in which it's not so well-developed, but there was a grill, so that stood in for it, but here's another picture of a hand where Venus is moderate, nicely formed, but Mars looks flat along the side. Instead of a bulge, it can be very flat on the side of the hand. Therefore, there's not that much interest in sex. The hand that we show here also happens to have a bend, ever so slight, in the top joint of the Saturn finger, and that shows us that Saturn is strong. Well, it does so happen that Saturn is the most repressed sexually of all the seven types. Remember, Saturn is the great repressor. Saturn is meant to be in the laboratory, or doing research, and advancing the human race through wisdom, and they don't really have such a big drive for sex. When you put a flat mount of Mars together with a Saturnian, you know they're not that interested. How do we choose a good partner for ourselves?

Well, here's a picture of my own hand, not that I'm an available partner, but just to show you that I have a gentle curve on the outside of the hand, and a little bit of a pillow. That means I have sufficient, or adequate sex drive. Perhaps it was larger when I was younger, but this is how it is now, and if anyone has a hand that looks like it has a little curve, and a little bit of a pillow, that's plenty. All that matters for two people is that their sex drives match. If two Saturnians get together, and it's a meeting and marriage of the minds, and they just have some sex once in a while, maybe hardly ever, after the first few years, but they're happy together, that's all that counts. But if you've got a big mount of Mars, and you fall in love with someone who has a flat mount of Mars, it's not going to last. Once the initial push of romance, when everybody's sex drive seems to wake up right at the beginning, after that romantic period has passed, the person with the Mars, they will not be happy. Both Mars and Venus can be true blue, if they are sexually satisfied. Find someone whose Mars or Venus is in relationship to your own, and you'll have a good pairing.

Talk to you soon. Peace be with you.

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