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How to Check a Palm for a Dark Side in Palm Reading

Learn how to check someone's palm for a dark side from psychotherapist and palm reading expert Ellen Goldberg, M.A. in this Howcast video.


Hello, this is Ellen Goldberg and welcome to the Language of the Hand. In this segment, were gonna talk about how to recognize the dark side of the law of nature or the hand of someone you'll really rather not associate with. For one thing, of course we have our instincts and they count a lot. But you can see things in the hand often in unmistakable way. For one thing, the hand may have some negative signs on it absolutely. But more than the signs is the general feeling look of the hand that will lure at you. For example, we talked about skin texture and how the finer the skin is the more refined the nature. We'll very dark side will likely have a coarse skin especially if there going to be a of the brittle type.

We'll see that many are very sophisticated. Swindlers may have fined skin but the brittle type will generally have coarse skin. May be an over developed amount of Mars and color is important. We expect the hand to have a nice pale pinkness even people who have dark skins have pink in the hand. In fact, the color in the hand is like a tint under the skin and you can see it in every shade of palm you can see the pinkness underneath. Pink is warmth than life. When you see red that's too intense. Put it together with the hand that will not open towards full extent. Remember that if the hands open to a full extent they have average flexibility but if those fingers cannot fully uncurl and that hand is stiff no matter how you push on them. Then you know that a person is very set in their ways. If that hand is coarse, hard and there's too much vital energy, there's redness, coarseness and stiffness in the hand add to that a few little in sanitary things such as overdeveloped in Mars, may be a sign for temper that could grill or x on the amount of Mars.

May be overly bent fingers. And what if there were no heart line? What if there was just a semi in line instead. Remember that line it runs straight across the hand. That represents both head and heart together. That's the set-up. Especially if you found it on the large crude thumb. That's one kind more of a violent person. What for talking now but a person who simply dislikes mankind and is capable of doing cruel things. Then the color you might look for is yellow in the palm. That adds the jointness point of view to life and cynical point of view. The set turn in type which is our wisest, most philosophical type. When they go bad, they can go very bad and be haters of mankind. That hand also has the characteristics: stiff, hard, coarse and yellow skin. Then they are capable of doing something that is unkind to people. This is what a head line might look like if it's a cold head line. Remember when we look at the head line, were often looking for even just a little bit of a curve or even if it is moving outwards towards the precaution and if that line is straight as an arrow then it has a certain coldness and fixity to it. What if you have a high quest thief whose gonna swindle out of your life savings? You might find average texture skin. You might even find fined skin but you'll also find a Mercury with a bent finger and an x or a grill under it. You might find a cold heart line.

You might find yellow because Mercury can also have yellow in the hand. And that's the set-up to people who are looking to take advantage of others. Every sign has a meaning. Every arc type has a lower aspect of it's polarity. Usually we just touch-base lightly with these things. But some people spend most of their time in that part of the mind. Watch out for them and make a graceful exit.

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