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How to Do a Palm Reading

Learn how to do a palm reading from psychotherapist and palm reading expert Ellen Goldberg, M.A. in this Howcast video.


Ellen: Hello, this is Ellen Goldberg, and welcome to, "The Language of the Palm." In this segment we're going to talk about how to go about a palm reading. I have with me Darlene, who is going to be our subject for this segment, and really when you want to read a palm, the first thing you're going to do is take your time and just feel that hand. The first thing I want is skin, because remember skin is the key to refinement. I see that Darlene has medium fine, somewhere between medium and fine, which means she'll come probably from the higher aspect of her archetype.

Then the next thing I do is I'm going to squeeze that hand. After all we're not shaking hands, but you don't have to. Just be identifying the energy of the handshake. Feel free to just hold it. Notice how I squeeze from each side, and I'm going to press. This hand has bounce to it so I know that this person has a natural refinement and she has energy. The next thing I want to know, is her mind flexible? Notice Darlene's hand opens up to it's full extent but it doesn't go backwards so she has normal flexibility and adaptability. The thumb is a separate case. Hers goes back a little bit so she has a normal amount of generosity.

Now I'm ready to take a look at the hand now that I've seen the flexibility of the mind, the level of refinement, the level of energy. You don't have to start talking right away. I like to say to my clients, "I need a minute to acclimate myself to the hand and see what's going on here." I enjoy looking at the hand through the magnifying glass because it accentuates the maps and it's an extra little aid. Where do I start? I start with what I find interesting and that's where I think the intuition part of palmistry comes in. After all, we feed ourselves facts and knowledge, and to me that's like feeding the intuition. Once you get to a hand notice what interests you, notice if you can see which of the archetypes that is strongest.

We're going to put an image up on this screen now so that you can see just what I'm seeing, Darlene's right hand. I've already found out that she's right-handed and therefore I know this is the hand of now. Look at the size of that padding under the index finger, the Mound of Jupiter, and look at the beautiful padding down in the corner that she has for the Mound of the Moon. And she has something rare, she has a Mound of Saturn that's not flat but that actually has a little bit of height to it and so I know it's strong. She has a pinky that's stands off all by itself. She asked me, "Why does it do that?" She doesn't do that on purpose. It's the Mercury archetype for business and for communication showing that it wants it's own space, that it's very special, and that she likes to act very independent.

Darlene is in her late 30s, it's always nice to ask people how old they are. They won't always tell you but it doesn't matter. Just make a guess. The reason is there are ages along the hand and it's nice to see if some special mark occurs at a certain age. Since I've determined that Darlene has a number of very strong mounds, she's got Jupiter for ambition and leadership, she's got Saturn for hard work, she's got the Moon for imagination and for dreaminess and intuition, and Mercury. Between Mercury and the Moon, both of them deal with communication because Mercury is the communicator but the Moon is imagination, intuition, and love of language.

Darlene is a hard working communicator who needs to be in charge. Not bad for the job she has helping to run Howcast. This hand, because Saturn has that very unusual aspect in her hand of being a little fuller, after all remember we only expect it to be flat, to be normal. I know that Darlene is a late-bloomer. This is very daunting when you're young but when you get into your 30s and you hear it it's great news because it means that the best is yet to come, and in fact her best is yet to come. I know that life presents challenges and she feels them because she's very sensitive. She's got little sensitivity pads on every one of her fingers. But she's a seeker for wisdom and she's going to keep blooming.

Darlene also has a curved headline. If we put the image up again of her hand you'll see that the headline doesn't go straight across the hand out to practicality of this world and just give me the facts kind of thinking. It has a very creative curve and it goes down towards the Mound of the Moon. Therefore one thing I know about you Darlene, is you need time to think and dream. You need space alone. For someone, for you to be in a relationship, someone like Darlene, she needs both togetherness and apartness. She needs them like inhalation and exhalation. She's going to be a seeker after wisdom, she's going to get better with every year of her life. In fact when you take a look at the life line, and you can see this on the image of her hand, that life line gets deeper, thicker, and pinker later. In fact after about the age of 38, 39. Within the next year or two Darlene is going to have a kind of renaissance in energy, the life line gets deeper, and not every hand shows this, she has someone coming into her life around the same time.

Someone that will feel her influence very keenly. Therefore she's going to be energized by the whole complex of emotions and relationships that come to her. I find it really exciting to see that Darlene's life line gets deeper and pinker as she gets older. Not only that, you can see a little line running next to it about a half an inch away along the Mound of Venus, and that's a line of influence. When it's on the dominant hand it shows the person you will be the influence on. When you find that line on the recessive hand you see who will influence you. This line is on her dominant, she will have the opportunity to influence someone, and I think she's going to like it. How do I know that? Because the life line deepens and there's nothing like feelings of love or connectedness or the fun of having a relationship to make you feel more vital in your life.

She has this. It's nice to know there are things to look forward to. Darlene, being a late-bloomer can look forward to many interesting things unfolding because she gets better as she gets older.

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