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How to Find & Read the Head Line in Palm Reading

Learn how to find and read the head line from psychotherapist and palm reading expert Ellen Goldberg, M.A. in this Howcast video.


Hello. I'm Ellen Goldberg. And welcome to the language of the hand. Today we're going to take a look at the head line. The head line is this little line that goes across the palm, starting from the edge where the thumb is and moving along outward towards the percussion. The longer the head line, the more intelligence the person has. But a head line doesn't have to be extremely long to be very serviceable. Because just as important as the length of the head line, is what we call the clarity of the line. If the line is deep and clear, even if it's shorter, it's usable. A line could be very long, some of them go all the way out to the percussion,some of them go all the way down to where the unconscious and imagination lies on the mount of the moon. But if that line is thin, defective, broken or in some other way not very usable, then all that intelligence is not usable.

So, it's a toss up. Every once in a while you get to see a hand, here we gonna put up the image of Einstein's hand where the head line is both clear and long and has the extra feature at the end of having a fork on it, so that he always sees two sides of everything. Not only that, his head line just isn't the one that I've drawn, or might is still here, never touches the life line. That'll show independent thinkers. The wider the space between the head line and the life line, the more independent in thought, the more easy it is to self validate for the person. The closer the head line is and I consider that normal. Normal-lish head lines really just touch, because we are all dependent in our youth. We just don't want that head line to be joined way too long, because that sets up a pattern for life and makes dependent, easily influence people, who don't trust their own thinking and always look for other people's op...approval and opinions. The head line sometimes moves outwards towards the percussion, and that shows people who re interested in real life. They are realists, they are practical and what they want is reality.

But other head lines, they slope way down to the mount of the moon. And that means they have a plumb line right into the subconscious. These people are intuitive, psychic, and even if they don't have a very strongly developed mount of the moon, say it's not very full and padded, they are still very influenced by the lunar or moon characteristics, dreamy, imaginative, psychic, because their head line directly goes into the mount. Is someone's head line goes over directly to the mount of mars, they pull in martian qualities. That is, if they have a decent mount of mars. If they have a nicely developed mount of mars, efficient, we are not looking for a total mars type, then they'll pull in the courage and the stamina from that part of the hand. But if the head line goes to a defective mount of mars, one that's weak and flat, they will pull in the fear. A head line, to me, is the most important line in the hand. If I had to choose one line to have good, I'd have it be the head line.

If your head line is a little bit defective, I've cleared up an island off of mine, you can't even see that goes to it anymore. I've made my head line deeper and clearer than it ever was in my birth hand. Head lines change. Meditation is the medicine. You know the word, meditation and the word medicine came from the same root, mediata, to find the right inner balance or right inner measure. Mediate. Study for half an hour a day. Build up the muscle slowly and you'll have better concentration. When the head line is deep and clear, a person has a good memory, capable of concentration, and is going to be able to be clear in thinking.

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