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How to Find & Read the Life Line in Palm Reading

Learn how to find and read the life line from psychotherapist and palm reading expert Ellen Goldberg, M.A. in this Howcast video.


Hello, I'm Ellen Goldberg, and welcome to "the Language of the Hand." In this segment, we're gonna look at the Life Line. The Life Line could very easily be called the Line of Constitution, because it shows a great deal of vitality. Does it show how long one lives? Well, this is a question that's hard to answer. Occasionally, it does. But, often, it doesn't. And, you know, if it does, and when it doesn't, this takes a little bit of skill. Many people live far longer than their lifeline indicates, because of many factors, one of them being well. In other people with fine looking Life Lines, I've seen them go earlier than their Life Line indicates. What we can count on is this: the Life Line will show how long energy is a gift, while it's deep and clear, and you see that after here on in these examples, deep and clear lines that run a long time. In fact, we have an image to show you. In this image you'll notice that the line is clear, deep and it curves around, uh, the Mound of Venus, in fact, it is the border for the Mound of Venus, and you'll see it is unbroken and clear all the way down. This person is ambitious, and is always striving for something. How do I know that? I know it from the small lines that rise up off of this person's Life Line. Look at the picture carefully, and you'll notice that little lines rise upward. Those are lines of aspiration. At a certain time in life, some people have them actually falling downward, and you know that they're on the downward slope of life. Often that happens later, but some people have these small, striving lines all their life, and you know that they're an aspirational character.

If the Life Line is deep and clear, the vitality is a gift. If the Line Line is thin and clear, especially if it is thin in relationship to other lines in the hand, then they must take better care of themselves. The Life Line is one of the easiest lines of all to change. It responds to changes in thinking, changes in health, habits, and response to meditation, and to nutrition. You have many ways you can go about healing them. I've seen breaks in Life Lines heal within months, so you can do this for yourself as well. Notice the arc that the Life Line takes around the Mound of Venus. Sometimes, it swings quite wide, and if it does, it means that there's a lot of warmth, because the Life Line shows how much room for Venus there is in the hand, and Venus is the very essence of love in life itself. When the Life Line swings wide, they are juicy, warm, loving people, who can include much in their life. But e

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