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How to Find Creativity in the Hand in Palm Reading

Learn how to find creativity in the hand from psychotherapist and palm reading expert Ellen Goldberg, M.A. in this Howcast video.


Hello. I'm Ellen Goldberg and welcome to the language of the hand. In the segment today, we're going to look at how to find creativity in the hand. We actually can find it in a number of places.

One of the places is the Mount of Apollo. In this illustration, you will see on this woman's palm, that she has a double Mount of Apollo which is one of its common forms. It will look like two matching Mounts under the ring finger with a little valley between them. It's called a bifurcated Mount of Apollo. You'll find this on the hands of creative people.

Does it always mean that they are artists? No. They may be in a profession that deals with art, that's creative, such as promotion, or this
particular person runs an art gallery, ACA Art Galleries right here in New York. This Apollo can be used not only for painting, for art of all sorts, for acting, and for writing, but it can be used for sales, and just to creatively present yourself.

Some of the most entertaining people in the world have a fully developed Mount of Apollo. If by chance your finger is bent as well, remember the top or middle joint is capable of bending slightly inwards usually towards its neighbor Saturn, why then it sharpens the creativity, and it sharpens the cleverness of that part of the brain.

One of the surest signs that the energy in the Mount of Apollo will be used for art is the presence of a Line of Art. Here's an image of one of the most famous Lines of Art, and it belongs to Sarah Bernhardt. Sarah Bernhardt's line of creativity comes all the way from the wrist right up to the Mount. Not only that, there are two stars on it. One midway on the Line, probably when she burst into public view, and then at the top of the Line right on the Mount which serves a dual purpose.

It shows the crowning achievements of her life, but any Mount that has a sign on it, that sign operates all the life long. In fact, a long Line of Apollo is a sure sign because it's rare. I tell people who have a Line of Apollo that runs the length of the hand that they were surely born with the soul of an artist. How will you know whether this will be used for painting, or for writing? Well, writers often have a certain combination. They will have a well-developed Mount of Mercury and Finger of Mercury, and they'll have it in combination with the Mount of the Moon because the Moon is imagination, and Mercury is communication.

If their head line slopes to the Mount of the Moon, they may wish to write about very imaginative things. If the head line goes straight out in the more practical way, the may want to write about realistic things, history, biography, do journalism, things like that. There are all kinds of creativity.

Musicians often have big Mounts of Venus and Luna because those two Mounts have a very special relationship to music. Put that together with the Saturnian type, you might find a violinist or a guitar player because Saturn loves stringed instruments. In other words, when you find marks of creativity, and stars indicate very special gifts creatively if they are by the finger or Line of Apollo.

Stars are very special gifts no matter where they appear, but they're tricky. If they're perfect, and have a central point where the lines radiate equally from it, they'll probably be an illumination or a blessing, but if they're a big messy star without a central point, why it could be an explosion and more trouble than it's worth.

Any stars near the Mount of Apollo will give you a gift. Before you ascribe all these wonderful talents to someone, make sure you see if they have a thumb of standard or large size so that they have the willpower to discipline themselves, study, and really produce something. If they have a small thumb, which is by nature, creative and very emotionally and inspirational, they may produce something of great beauty, but they'll only do a few here and there during their lifetime. It takes a larger thumb to stay steady at your work.

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