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Many Palm Lines vs. Few in Palm Reading

Learn the significance of many palm lines versus few from psychotherapist and palm reading expert Ellen Goldberg, M.A. in this Howcast video.


Hello. I'm Ellen Goldberg, and welcome to the language of the hand. In this segment, we're going to look at what does it mean when a hand has many lines of very few lines.

Some people ask me, "Oh, there are so many lines on this hand. Does this mean that they're an old soul?" No, it doesn't. What it really means is that they're a sensitive soul. Every line is written by the mind, and the more lines that are one the hand, the more the mind remembers and the more impressionable a person is. Lines carry the current of life, and so these people have a lot of sensitivity in their nervous system because they're picking up feelings, thoughts, carrying them around with them. So a hand with many lines shows a sensitive person with a highly charged nervous system who carries a fair amount of baggage.

When you see a hand such as the image that we're putting up on this screen, and you seen how many lines are criss-crossing it, know that these people react to everything in their environment. You can find this kind of hand with almost any archetype. There is a nervous, sensitive version of all the archetypes.

This next image is a palm print of someone who has only the basic lines. I knew this person very well. This was an artist, but she always thought of herself as the most basic kind of person, and generally they are. They are less complex than the people with many lines, but they have in some ways an easier time of it. Things come, things go in life, and so be it. They are not carrying around a lot of baggage. It takes a lot to get on a hand with few lines because they are not as impressionable. So therefore, if you see a special sign, a square, a mark like an x or some triangle, some special line giving a gift, give it double weight because it takes a lot to impress itself on a person who doesn't take things in in that way, so we're very aware of any mark that does occur on such a hand.

Lines that have many lines like mine, it's easy for signs to form on these hands because there's so much impressionability. Sometimes there's a very big difference between the two hands. Remember to check right and left. The recessive hand showing the qualities given at birth, and the dominant one, what's become of them. I don't know if the camera can pick it up in my hand, but my recessive hand, my left one, is far more raved with lines than my right hand. I have learned to calm my nervous system through meditation and attitude adjustment, deep relaxation. You can change your hand too.

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