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How to Find & Read the Line of Saturn (Fate) in Palm Reading

Learn how to find and read the Line of Saturn, aka the Line of Fate, from psychotherapist and palm reading expert Ellen Goldberg, M.A. in this Howcast video.


Hello, I'm Ellen Goldberg, and welcome to the Language of the Hand. In this segment, we're gonna look at the Line of Saturn, which goes by many names. It's called the Line of Security, also called the Line of Fate. This security, many people think it has to do with how secure we are financially, but it turns out that it's not really so. It really means how secure you feel in your own skin, how secure you feel in your life at any given to time. For many of us, of course, this does have a lot to do with money, but it's not the only reason. I've seen beautiful lines, deep, clear Lines of Security, and their the ones that rise right up the center of the hand and move towards Saturn. It's rare that you'll see it in one, long, unbroken line. That usually is saved for people who have a very clear destiny. For most of us, breaks and changes along the way every time there's a lifestyle change. I've seen poor people with deep lines, and I've seen hands of millionaires with very poor lines because they are not secure internally, so it differs for each person what security means to them. Every time the line shifts, and it's capable of shifting, the lifestyle is going to shift. If the lines are lucky enough to overlap, the break is going to be big but not traumatic. But sometimes between parts of the line, the Fate Line, there is a gap of a few years, and that means the transition lasts a long time, and during that time there is no support from the Universe. They are flying without an end, and those are times that are good to know about in advance, because you can put aside a little extra money, or decide to take the time as an adventure, or go to school sometime when you wouldn't naturally be, not depending or expected to feel secure. 

The Line of Fate can appear late in life or early in life. I've [inaudible 02:25] starting from the wrist. In fact, it starts from the wrist all the way up towards Saturn. Do you know that the Line of Fate, because Saturn is Father Time, is one of the most realistically and curiously timed lines, uh, that appear on the hand? It takes all the way from the wrist to where it touches the headline to get from zero the 30, and it only gets from-- takes from the headline way 'til right under the finger itself, to get from 30 to old age. Look at the difference! Remember how long a year took when you were young? It took forever. And do you know that every time you pass 30, every year goes faster and faster, until at my age, in my late 60s, time is going like a locomotive. Therefore, the years are compressed. Two very easy times to know is that at approximately age 30 is when the Line of Security has gone to run natural interference with the Head Line, it's the Saturn Cycle in astrology, for all you astrologers out there, and everyone goes through changes. It breaks for almost everybody right around that time. Not everybody, but almost. And another time that's easy to tell is that it crosses the Heart Line, and forms a natural crossbar, at age 45, just in time for midlife crisis. And the upper years cover from 45 to 80, so you'll know that these increments of years are very small. They're compressed. 

Those whose Life Lines rise clear up the center, they will often make their own way in life. It's a very healthy place for it to begin, but it doesn't have a strong and individualistic meaning when it starts with its other favorite locations. When the Line of Fate should come out of the night of the moon means you're meant to work with the imagination or the public. Those who think the moon represents, and the moon being feminine, you may also have success in life due to the health of a member of the female sex. If the Life Line should come out or from within the Mound of Venus, and Venus has a lot to do with family life, why then, uh, the family may have had a big influence on what you choose to do with you life. It might even come, and I know there's probably very little room left on this drawing, but it might come out of the Mound of Mars, and Mars being such a warrior, coming out of Mars would mean that you would have success after struggles. Know that I have seen the hands of people have their Fate Line disappear. I once read for the great composer, Leonard Bernstein, and I asked if I could see his hand when we were at a party, and I was amazed at how he just dragged me into the back room instantly and said, "I want you to look at this privately." And amazed as I was to see him at the top of his form, world famous, and right there at that age his Fate Line, his Security Line, disappear completely. I said, "I'm so amazed, and I'm ashamed and embarrassed to tell you this, but your Fate Line disappears right now." He said, "I know it does, because my wife died two weeks ago, and she was my rock."

His security was not based on money or fame, it was based on having that person who was really made for them. "How long does it take to return?" he asked me. "Five years," I told him. "Oh, that long," he said, and I did what I could to teach him about growing it. I hope I was of some help to that great man. By the way, he had one of the largest Mounds of Venus I ever saw. Mound of Melody.

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