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How to Find & Read the Health Line in Palm Reading

Learn how to find and read the health line from psychotherapist and palm reading expert Ellen Goldberg, M.A. in this Howcast video.


Hello, I'm Ellen Goldburg and welcome to the language of the hand. In this segment we're going to look at the line of health, known as the line of mercury. This line runs in a slightly slanted way from the finger of mercury towards the life line. I'm going to just drawn it for a moment, a life line, a hot line, a head line. If you've already looked or find that this segment on the line of fate, which comes up under the Saturn finger, the line of creativity which comes up under the finger of the sun or Apollo. And now we're going to look at the mercury line which slants inward from the pinky.

Probably at least fifty percent of people don't even have this line and believe me it's much better to have no line than a poor line. In fact, I could say the same thing about the Saturn line as well because many self made people have no line of security either. When you have a line of Mercury that is strong and good it would repair even a damaged life line because it gives it extra vitality. We see a few things on this line that are very useful. One things is that we often see it in what we call a ladder like form. Ladder like because it's in steps. Like this, so of course they're taking the analogy a little far, but this kind of broken line of mercury has to do with illness of the digestive tract. The mecruian type is certainly prone to it, but this can appear on the hand of anybody. When you see it, all their life they will be troubled with indigestion, ulcers, or any kind of digestion ill. Maybe colitis, but they have to watch what they eat and they have to take time and slow down and chew their food. Every once in a while, you'll see a line of Mercury that instead of being straight will have a slight wave to it.

Like that. That shows that there's liver problems, I bet you'll find a yellow tint in the hand, that will show that bile has overflowed from the liver and is in the blood stream making them very cranky. Watch out for those slightly wavy ones, sometimes the wave is very subtle. But, you'll notice it well because it's not straight. If you find something, on the Mercury line, in between the section of the heart line and the head line, say we have an island here like I once did. We're in Mars' territory and Mars rules the chest, right because the band right across the center of the hand belongs to Mars. There'll be something wrong with the chest, could be trouble with the lungs, could be as was in my case breast cancer.

Which I've been free from for twenty three years. Anything can be healed. The line of mercury is always considered safest if it stops before it touches the life line. But, if it goes all the way to the life line, then mark the year that it touches because that year, one of the illnesses that are a primary to their first two arch types. That year, somethings going to manifest.

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