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What Justin Bieber's Palm Reveals

Learn what Justin Bieber's palm reveals from psychotherapist and palm reading expert Ellen Goldberg, M.A. in this Howcast video.


Hello, I'm Ellen Goldburg and this is The Language of the Hand. Today we're going to take a short look into the hand of Justin Bieber. There's a very interesting hand because it's filled with energy. The first thing I notice when I see it is that he has a bent finger of Mercury and that he's quite likely a Mercurian type as one of his primary archetypes. This gives him the energy to go day and night, and I know this man has a very hard time shutting his brain off. And he gets influence from both the conscious mind and the subconscious. Look and notice the pink color in the lower portion of the palm.

He has the psychic blush. When you put that color on the mount of imagination or the mount of moon and you combine it with the Mercurial writing and communication ability that comes from the little pinky, why you have a writer. He also has a very central heart line. He needs touch, he needs love, and you know in the future he'll find happiness in family life. Of course it's very hard for him to have true intimacy now, when you're at the height of stardom. Notice that there are knots on the bottom joints of the fingers, those are the joints closest to the palm.

These are the knots of material, order, and common sense. He appreciates when there's order around him, that's when he can think best, and he has a good deal of common sense. He also has a mind like a fox and he can tell lies and he can be manipulative. I know that just because lunar can tell lies, where he has the psychic blush and because a bent finger of Mercury is always tempted to manipulate. But there seems to be a good amount of Venus, for melody, for goodness. And so, in time this fellow may get some of his greatest happiness by marrying and having children, as Mercury represents family life.

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