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How to Read Palms with Ellen Goldberg

Learn about psychotherapist and expert palm reader Ellen Goldberg, M.A. in this Howcast video.


Hello, I'm Ellen Goldberg and welcome to The Language of the Palm. I'm your instructor in this series of videos on Palmistry. And Palmistry is my passion, and it has been, well, since I was in my late twenties. As soon as I was introduced to it, I knew that there was something fabulous about the hand. I had already started studying astrology and Tarot, but the hand became my favorite. I've been a teacher of Palmistry for, oh, close to 40 years now.

I'm 68 years old and I was given my first teaching assignment at 29 years of age. I learned that you just can't say no when fate offers you these things. And so in some way I've been blessed to be both a student and a teacher of Palmistry for 40 years. I'm also a psychotherapist, an astrologer, and I am a card reader. Probably equally well known for my work in Tarot, as I am in Palmistry.

But the palm is something special, because you always have it with you. You can talk to people, you need never have a boring conversation again, or have to make idle small talk at a party because the minute you look at a hand, you're talking about things of meaning with someone. So it turns all your interactions into something beautiful and meaningful. I love what the hand can do. I love learning new things, it has taken me around the world. And if you would learn this subject, it will take you around the world and make you friends around the world too. So I invite you to explore more.

I'll always be happy to hear from you. I have a school, The School of Oracles, in which I train people to become professional Palmists, as well as professional card readers, if they so wish. I also teach at the New York Open Center, where almost every semester I give an evening class in Palmistry or in Tarot in the Western Mystery Tradition. Hope to see you at one of them.

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