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How to Massage the Head for Hair Growth

Learn how to massage the head in a way that stimulates hair growth in this Howcast video featuring massage therapist Judie Rhed Yim.


So we're going to cover how to massage the head for hair growth. There are amazing herbal remedies that one can find. This particular ointment of oil has a combination of rosemary, burdock roots, and stinging nettle. And those key ingredients, that are all naturally based, help to stimulate the hair follicles, create circulation and thereby helping your hair grow, in a faster manner.

So, as the oil application is applied on sections of the head, on a even manner, you can massage the oil on the scalp very gently, but thoroughly. You can do this yourself at home, but you really need to be committed to a regular routine. It's not one of those, oh I just, you know, will do it once a month kind of scenarios. You really want to be committed to doing this for yourself, or your loved one, or your recipient, on a daily manner, in order for the hair follicles to really improve circulation and create a healthier medium for your hair to grow faster and stronger.

And you just want to, just make sure that you're covering the entire surface of the head, including; the back of the neck, and obviously the crown and the forehead area where most of the hair growth starts to decease. So, want to just make sure the oil covers thoroughly on every surface of the scalp and then you put a cap on for about ten minutes to ensure that the oil soaks in, and take a shower afterwards. That's how you massage your head for hair growth.

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