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How to Apply Pressure during a Head Massage

Learn how to apply pressure during a head massage in this Howcast video featuring massage therapist Judie Rhed Yim.


We're going to go over how to stroke the eyebrows in a facial massage. This area of the forehead where the eyes meet the junction of the eyebrows is a good starting point. You don't want to use too much pressure. It is a sensitive area. There are some points of sensitivity right along the corners of the eyes, so you want to definitely avoid that. And you're going to actually be right along the ridge as apposed to being on the surface of the eyebrows. So, um you're supporting the bridge of the eyebrow. Lifting towards you in a light manner. You can sort of scoop a little bit. This is wonderful for headaches, eye-strains, um, from too much computer reading. And you're just going to hold that position for a good five seconds. It's really good craniosacral point as well to release some of the, um, the crowding that happens. And then from that point on you're going to release some of the pressure so that it's not all the same and rotating outwards towards the edge of the eyebrows. And at the end there's another divet that you can sort of re-sink your fingers. Hanging out there for a second. So that's the therapeutic part. The other general massaging area would be also on the top edge of the brow. You're just moving the skin. The connective tissue that covers the frontal bone. And it's a really good mental release.

And work yourself up towards the top of the forehead, but always going back towards the bottom. It's a good lymphatic flow if you do this. And if you're thumbs are tired at this point you could always just use the tips of the fingers is, um gentle enough to go in that manner. And that's how you stroke eyebrows during a head massage.

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