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How to Massage the Scalp during a Head Massage

Learn how to massage the scalp during a head massage in this Howcast video featuring massage therapist Judie Rhed Yim.


How to massage the scalp, you wanna start with engaging your fingers onto the superficial layer of the head. The head is very sacred space and the fascia, the covering of the scalp is very close to the skull of the bone itself so to engage it, you wanna see the actual movements of the scalp as such, not by pressing or with finger pressure. You want to make sure that the engagement is visible and the rhythm of the rotation is nice and slow. This is a sedative of relaxational aspect towards the scalp but there's also an invigorating way where you're going to literally grab the very roots of this hair follicles, almost as if pulling a knob and you're going to just gently pluck the sides of the temples, moving towards of the head. And with this stroke, you can actually speed it up just an invigorating massage as opposed to sedating and move to the top of the, close to the forehead hairline, down the center line. Making sure that you cover all the aspects of the scalp. You could also engage the scalp on the back of the head by turning the neck. You wanna hold onto the opposite right side with your hands supporting, don't want it to drop in any uncomfortable manner for the recipient. And again repeating the manner of working the scalp all the way down to the nape where the hairline stops, and repeat it on the right side. I'm not gonna show the total demonstration for right now. Final invigoration of scalp, you can literally pluck towards you, taking away sort of tension that the head may hold. And that's how you massage the scalp.

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