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How to Relieve Tension w/ Pressure Points during Head Massage

Learn how to relieve tension during a head massage by targeting pressure points in this Howcast video featuring massage therapist Judie Rhed Yim.


So you can release some tension by utilizing some pressure points on the head as well as the temple. A lot of tension headaches do formulate in the frontal part of the forehead as well as pulling in the side of the temporals. So you're going to just engage the skin, just get some introduction. When the key points of Marma or Chinese meridian point is right here, the tip of the eyebrows, and you want to just do a steady pressure so you're not squeezing in, but you're more aiming towards the nose. It helps to release the sphenobasilar or the temporal or the Ayurvedic chakra points. Away from the for forehead, and also on the corner tips of the eyebrows, also is a really great pressure point for sinuses.

Too much computer work, it brightens the eye and gives clarity as well. So you just want to use your forefingers and sort of lift up instead of pushing, again, inwards or outwards. The direction is towards you in a steady gentle manner. And the length of the pressure point can be anywhere from 3 seconds to 10 seconds. And moving on to the head: there is a seam right where this temporal muscle starts to happen. Right where the forehead meets the side of the temporal and the top of the head also is a good point. If your finger strength is strong enough you can just use your, again, your forefingers. And this one is towards each other, length of the hold is depending on 3-10 seconds. If you fingers are not feeling so steady, you can gently place your palms so that you have a little bit more pressure gauge, and press with your thumbs instead. And this makes a wonderful head release.

And for clarity pressure points, it all goes on the mid-line between the left and the right. Again in Eastern philosophy, eastern healing medicine, Ayurveda and Shiatsu in Chinese medicine, this is a governing vessel and these are really great point for one relieving sinusitis, sinus issues, as well as again bringing clarity into your head. Really great points to do after working on the computer for a really long...for long days. And the pressure again is with your stomach and you're leaning into it as opposed you're pushing with your fingers. It feels different for the recipient. it's not as relaxing. And the great way to end it is the governor vessel at the very top of the head. It brings it down, so if you're a very mental person this is a great point for you to ground you and calm you as well. And this a hold that you want to actually engage for a good 20 seconds. And that's how you release tension with pressure points.

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