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How to Massage the Crown of the Head

Learn how to massage the crown of the head in this Howcast video featuring massage therapist Judie Rhed Yim.


This will show you how to massage the crown of the head as part of a head massage. You have worked on the sides of the head to begin with, for introduction. The crown of the head is kind of a sensitive area so you don’t want to actually jump into it.

There is a V-shape of where the seam of the [inaudible 00:25] bones start, and that is a really good way to start to soften the area and get some engagement of your touch to your recipient. You’re gonna focus on this triangle part, which is the crown, at this point. It’s a very narrow sort of area so you can utilize your two thumbs as your paddle points by putting your hands on the side of the temples and doing this wish-wash sort of movement, back and forth in the triangle area of the focus. This opens up the scalp and engages the tissue, helps to relax the recipient.

So you’re just following it down to the horizontal suture, which is on the very top of the head. You can do circles at this point, changing your pace, putting your to work as rhythmically as possible so that there’s no jumpy movements that the recipient feels. What to expect next is your same pace, and you’re following that line as such. You could end at the tip of the triangle, at the very end, and give a nice pressure point again. This is how you massage the crown of the head as a part of the head massage.

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