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How to Use Herbal Oils during a Head Massage

Learn how to use herbal oils during a head massage in this Howcast video featuring massage therapist Judie Rhed Yim.


This is gonna cover how you can use herbal oils as part of your head massage. You can find this amber bottle in an apothecary usually with a dropper as such. This is a way for you to control the amount of oils that's gonna be applied on the scalp in an even manner, to put oil on all of your hands and start the massage. It would be quite messy and it also won't get the thorough coverage that one might want for an oil treatment of the scalp. So you just want to start with the midline of the head and apply, squeeze, and drag down to again nice, even coverage.

And go right along the side in about an inch apart and apply the oil once more. And keep going down to the side of the head so you're ensuring that you're getting an even coverage. And once more putting the dropper head into the scalp and dragging down as such. We would be doing the other side just for demonstration and to apply thorough. Again we're gonna be using the paddle of the thumbs going straight down the midline where we started ensuring that the scalp is totally saturated with the oil and following the lines of the dropper that you had just placed and in an even, steady manner, and following the sides of the head. Now the side is gonna be a little bit more different in terms of the pressure that you want to put on your head, on the head so you can stabilize the opposite side of the head with the supportive hand as you massage the oil down into the scalp.

And right along the side of the ear as well, and just wash and make sure that it's ensurely is even-coated into the scalp and also turning the head supporting the side of the head with your right hand and making sure it goes on the back side, by the occipit or the shaft of the scalp as well. And that's how you use herbal oils during head massage.

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