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How to Do the Shampooing Technique during a Head Massage

Learn how to use the shampooing technique when giving a head massage in this Howcast video featuring massage therapist Judie Rhed Yim.


We're gonna go over how to do the shampooing technique for head massage. You wanna engage your fingers onto the side of the temples and nice and slow, make circular motions, again the side of the head, utilizing four of your fingers as such and rocking back and forth with your body weight to ensure that you have consistent pressure and can continue that on for a good one to two minutes and move to the top of the head. The angle might be a little funny for depending how big the head is and depending how big or small your hands are. You can navigate yourselves so that it's a more comfortable angle for you. Go do dower motion, the pace is nice and stead, nice and slow.

You can try to utilize your thumbs at this point, working two separate directions as your fingers are going up and your thumbs are going up and your fingers are going to the wind wipe ring at this point and trying to cover all surface of the head in an even sedative manner. And then you can sort of pick up the pace and engage more of the sort of the fascia that's closer to the cranium and the bones of the skull. And again you can use your oppositional right hand to support the side of the head while you shampoo to circular motion, towards the nape and again my finger is more of relaxed as such and curled instead of being flat on the head as such. So that you get all the surface and the back of the head as well and moving towards the top of the front of the head. And that's how you do the shampooing technique for the head massage.

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