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How to Use Gliding Strokes during a Head Massage

Learn how to use gliding strokes when giving a head massage in this Howcast video featuring massage therapist Judie Rhed Yim.


We're gonna go over how to do gliding strokes for a head massage. This is gonna be more of a superficial stroke that helps relax recipient. You're more than welcome to make your body comfortable at this point.

It's very hard to do these strokes at the top of the head of the table. So what you just wanna do is face your recipient and doing a downward motion, alternating hands, it's kind of almost washing the hair so to speak. And alternating back and forth and again the hand is in a relaxed manner as opposed to absolutely straight, it's more relaxing for the recipient, and you're going towards the back of the head. And this gives great overall strokes to the head and you can do now simultaneously, fan out, again still going towards the back of the head and around the ears, simultaneous strokes. At this point, come back to the head of the table and lift everything off the scalp at the crown of the head.

The gliding strokes are very relaxational, it's more sedating than any of the other strokes that is utilized during the head massage. And if your recipient has enough hair length, they also have a little mohawk at the end. And that's how you do gliding strokes for head massage.

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