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How to Do the Kneading Massage Technique during Head Massage

Learn how to use the kneading massage technique during a head massage in this Howcast video featuring massage therapist Judie Rhed Yim.


I'm going to go over how to to the kneading head massage technique. The head is a very small square footage of working space. You're going to be kneading just with the smallest amount of pressure based on your thumbs. This is not a full body section, so you're just going to isolate the kneading technique just to the fingers. The kneading happens from opposition-ally moving the thumbs adjacent to each other so the different stroking techniques will be wider apart. The kneading part is going to be very close to each other and you can do that starting at the forehead line.

It's a little bit more deeper pressure than other strokes for head massage. This also feels wonderful as a part of the head massage to work the forehead I'm going to show you on the forehead how the is knitting is actually moving the skin, moving the fascia. To do it on the forehead it feels more wonderful as you go away from the center line, and that's just all my fingers. You want to keep your hands very relaxed and not rigid. You can extend the forehead kneading all the way down. Again this is working in a deeper layer so the circulation happens on a more deeper surface. This is how you do a kneading head massage technique.

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