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How to Use Percussive Strokes during a Head Massage

Learn how to use percussive strokes during a head massage in this Howcast video featuring massage therapist Judie Rhed Yim.


We are going to go over how to use progressive strokes for a head massage. You're going to predominantly use fingertips to play a drum so to speak we are not doing grand stroke with your palms or your hands. The head is a very delicate area and so we are just going to do this kind of flickering motion back and forth almost playing like a piano with your fingers. You can start with the side of the head so it is almost, the recipient feels like it is kind of rain drops on their skin. And this helps to stimulate but also jostlel the brain to a relaxational state.

And because of the angle of where you are sitting it's probably a good idea to stand up and continue on the top of the head so I am just going to go to the side of the table . And start with the crown of the head doing the piano progressive technique going in a steady manner not wild pattern. You're not going all over the place you are just going to go up and down in an assisted manner so that the recipient can really relax. And pitter-pattering down to the side of the head as well. And I am also going to incorporate on the forehead which is predominantly your border cortex your activity level can calm down with this rhythmic progressiveness. And going back over to the top of the head.

And that is how you do progressive strokes for a head massage.

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