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How to Do the Pulling aka Traction Massage Technique

Learn how to use the pulling massage technique, aka traction massage, during a head massage in this Howcast video with massage therapist Judie Rhed Yim.


On how to do the Traction Head Massage Technique. It's going to be two-folds contraction the top of the skull away from the brow and also fractionating the neck is more of a common practice. So in order to traction, you wanna just engage in the muscle, not squeezing the head.

You are just engaging and synching into the recipient's side of the temples. And going to literally do in hinge and it's not a drastic hinge it's just a direction that you're trying to mimic. And what you're trying to do is lift the frontal the parietal or bones so speak of the rest of the cranium. And so it's a nice upper mobility motion and the pulling part helps to decompress. The TMJ a lotta people experience a swell as tension headaches.

So you're just doing a subtle movement without hinging as such to create traction and get more space. Another traction technique, is you can utilize with the head and obviously the recipient is gonna have to be supported by the support of hands. And you wanna go on the base of your head as such and basically ground your feet as you literally lean back with the recipient's head in your hands. It's very subtle movement, it's very difficult to see, where you're just tilting backward and creating some space and on the vertebrae of the cervical spine. It's really, really great after a long day of carrying. You're just helping to decompress the spine and it's not drastic movement whatsoever, it's just creating space.

And secondary neck traction you can do is placing both your hands on the base of the occiput which is an area right where head meets the neck. And again were going to subtle synch your hands and that neck space and lean back as you're stabilizing with your body. You see the lengthening, the chin moves down as you traction and you just come out of it smoothly no need to rush. It feels really yummy and wonderful. And that's how you do pulling head massage technique.

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