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How to End a Head Massage

Learn how to end a head massage in this Howcast video featuring massage therapist Judie Rhed Yim.


I'm going to go over how to end a head massage. So depending on the energy of the receiver, if the receiver wants to be relaxed, you're just going to do a gentle, nice gliding strokes to calm the head. Complete all your strokes in a comprehensive manner; basic gliding strokes. Or, if the person actually needs to be more invigorated and maybe back to work you want to go back to your scapular re-invigoration friction and be vigorous, but not aggressive, but vigorous; up and down friction to give more energy and stimulation and circulation to the scalp.

A key point of pressure points at the very top of the head using your thumbs together; leaning in, grounding in their energy, opening up their clarity. Count to five, four, three, two, one, and ask the recipient to take a nice deep breath in so he or she can get off the table. Okay. And that's how you end a head massage.

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