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How to Massage Cheeks during a Head Massage

Learn how to massage cheeks as part of a head massage in this Howcast video featuring massage therapist Judie Rhed Yim.


So we're going to go over how to incorporate the cheeks into your head massage. One really great transition way that you can do is, again, going back to the side of temple, which is up here. So rotating your strokes down into the TMJ area. TMJ area is defined by this linear line of bone. You can feel it as you glide your fingers over it. It's definitely a bone not a knot. You want to go right underneath that bony area, again slightly pulling the jaw away from that.

So this is your jawline right here and your just tractioning the area of the cheek that holds the most tension, which again is below that bony aspect, and getting some of the tension out from the TMJ area, which is part of your cheeks. Minor rotational movements using the grinding aspects you have is great to incorporate with the teeth, which causes the TMJ area, and releasing some of the tension there. Nice circular motion downward as opposed to moving up.

Downward motion helps to release the tension of your cheeks. That's how you incorporate cheek into your head massage.

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